2002 NCSS House of Delegates
Resolutions Before the House • November 22-23, 2002 • Phoenix, Arizona

Because of a failure in the audio recording system at the House of Delegates session at the NCSS Annual Conference in Phoenix, Arizona, in November 2002, we are unable to present the minutes of the proceedings. The texts of the resolutions submitted to the House of Delegates follows.

Resolution 02-A1: Increasing Participation of Elementary Level Education
Supported by Arizona, Connecticut, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Missouri, Middle States, New York, Rhode Island, Tennessee, and Texas
WHEREAS the current participation of elementary members in NCSS needs to be strengthened, and
WHEREAS NCSS lacks a long-range plan to identify and develop programs meeting the needs of elementary educators,
BE IT RESOLVED that NCSS establish a task force to investigate and develop a long-range plan to encourage the development and increased participation of elementary level educators.

Resolution 02-A2: Affiliate Representation on the NCSS Board of Directors
Supported by Florida, Indiana, Iowa, Louisiana, Middle States, New York, and Rhode Island
WHEREAS National Council for the Social Studies is the national organization for social studies educators, and
WHEREAS local, state and regional social studies organizations are affiliated with the national council, and
WHEREAS the effectiveness of NCSS is directly related to the effectiveness of the local, state and regional organizations and,
WHEREAS there is no direct voice for the affiliate organizations in the National Council governance,
BE IT RESOLVED that NCSS explore the development of adding a position on the NCSS Board of Directors to represent affiliates,

      1. ) This position will serve the normal term for Directors
      2. ) Eligibility for this position will require past or present service as president or executive director of an affiliate
        The position is filled by direct vote of the delegates at the annual House of Delegates meeting immediately prior to the expiration of each term.

        Resolution 02-A3: NCSS Leadership Institute
        Supported by Florida, Indiana, and Iowa
        WHEREAS the Summer Leadership Institute for NCSS affiliates has been so successful, and
        WHEREAS leadership development is a key to success for affiliates, and
        WHEREAS Washington D.C. is not conveniently located for many of the affiliates, creating financial hardship on the affiliates,
        BE IT RESOLVED that:
      3. ) The leadership institute be rotated each year between regional workshops and a single national workshop.
      4. ) The single national workshop be located in rotating locations to provide convenience to participants
      5. ) The national workshop be planned in collaboration with an appointed advisory body representing past participants from the affiliates
      6. ) The regional workshops be coordinated by appropriate members of the Board of Directors working with NCSS office staff and an affiliate planning committee.

        Resolution 02-A4: Internships
        Supported by Florida, Indiana, Iowa, Louisiana, and New York
        WHEREAS the Summer Leadership Institute for NCSS affiliates has been so successful, and
        WHEREAS the leadership development is a key to success for affiliates, and
        WHEREAS the leadership training opportunities are limited for affiliate leaders,
        BE IT RESOLVED that NCSS develop a funding mechanism for a summer internship program in the national office for affiliate leaders to develop their awareness of national issues and provide broader experience in the leadership and management of a professional organization.

        Resolution 02-A5: Affiliation Fees
        Supported by Florida and Iowa
        WHEREAS there is a need to secure more funding for NCSS to provide more affiliate services, and
        WHEREAS National Council for the Social Studies provides travel and other support to affiliated organizations, and
        WHEREAS the strength of NCSS is based on the strength of the affiliates, and
        WHEREAS the development of affiliate leadership is a mutually beneficial goal, and
        WHEREAS the affiliates currently make no direct contribution to NCSS to support affiliate services,
        BE IT RESOLVED that:
      7. ) Each affiliate pay $25 per delegate to be submitted with the annual report. These funds will be used for increased services to affiliates.
      8. ) Delinquent affiliates will not be eligible for NCSS support for participation at the Summer Leadership Institute or Gold/ Silver Council status.

        Resolution 02-A6: Membership Recognition
        Supported by Florida, Iowa, and Middle States
        WHEREAS service and continuity are of value to the success of the profession and the strength of NCSS, and
        WHEREAS recognition and rewards are effective methods of ensuring service and continuity, and
        WHEREAS the use of computers has made membership training and analysis easy and inexpensive,
        BE IT RESOLVED that:
      9. ) NCSS provide pins recognizing continuity of membership in 5-year increments, and
      10. ) NCSS explore a 50 percent reduction of dues on each 10th anniversary.
        Resolution was amended to strike #2, and then was passed.

        Resolution 02-A7: Ensuring the Effectiveness and Continued
        Relevance of Resolutions
        Supported by Connecticut, Idaho, Illinois, Middle States, Missouri, New York, and Rhode Island
        WHEREAS there are at least 156 resolutions that have been passed throughout the last three decades and with the passing of time, many resolutions no longer command the attention of the membership, and
        WHEREAS resolutions were passed in 2000 to promote the indexing, cataloguing and posting of resolutions to preserve institutional memory, and
        WHEREAS organizations must actively review policies in order to evaluate progress and accomplish its goals, and
        WHEREAS no specific, systematic method of review of former resolutions approved by the Board of Directors currently exists,
        BE IT RESOLVED that resolutions passed by the Board of Directors will be deemed active for a period of three years. After three years, resolutions become archived unless reaffirmed by a vote of the Board of Directors.

        Resolution 02-A8: FASSE Funding
        Supported by Florida, Iowa, Rhode Island, and Tennessee
        WHEREAS the Fund for the Advancement of Social Studies Education is a major funding vehicle for research and development in Social Studies Education, and
        WHEREAS the FASSE budget has not been adequate to achieve the goals of NCSS and the FASSE Board,
        BE IT RESOLVED that the NCSS Board of Directors explore the possibility of adding FASSE as a line item to the budget.

        Resolution 02-B1: Advocacy of State Social Studies Assessment: “if it’s not tested, it’s not taught”
        Supported by Arizona, Connecticut, Idaho, Illinois, Louisiana, Middle States, Missouri, Nebraska, North Carolina, and Rhode Island
        WHEREAS the implementation of statewide social studies assessment has lagged behind those of other core curriculum areas, and
        WHEREAS the validation of course curricula stems from assessment of student performance, and
        WHEREAS the lack of assessment has resulted in a deemphasizing of social studies in the core curriculum,
        BE IT RESOLVED that NCSS take an active and effective stance supporting inclusion of social studies in all state assessments of student knowledge and skills.
        Resolution 02-B2: Citizenship Competency Testing
        Supported by Florida and Iowa
        WHEREAS the foundation of every society is the effectiveness of its citizens, and
        WHEREAS the events of September 11, 2001 have made the nation more aware of the importance of all citizens being involved in homeland defense and preservation,
        BE IT RESOLVED that National Council for the Social Studies, affiliate groups, and with groups of common interest, join together to advocate and lobby state governments and state boards of education for mandatory testing of basic political, economic, historical and social citizenship competencies for all students as a high school graduation requirement.

        Resolution 02-B3: Social Studies is Core
        Supported by Connecticut, Delaware, Idaho, Indiana, Massachusetts, Middle States, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Ohio, Oregon, Prince George’s County, Rhode Island, and Tennessee
        WHEREAS recent events in the nation and world such as election issues, international conflicts and economic issues make the inclusion of social studies as a core subject imperative to the education of citizens, and
        WHEREAS the survival of democracy depends upon the civic literacy and participation of all Americans, and
        WHEREAS some social studies disciplines were included as core subjects in Goals 2000 but not in the No Left Child Behind legislation, and
        WHEREAS NCSS has a continued commitment to the importance of social studies education in previous resolutions,
        BE IT RESOLVED that NCSS pursue actions to promote social studies as a core academic subject in grades K-12, seeking recognition and adequate funding at the federal, state and local levels.

        Resolution 02-D1: Social Studies Professional Development Advocacy
        Supported by Arkansas, Florida, Idaho, Montana, Rhode Island, Tennessee, and Texas
        WHEREAS there is a need for professional development to promote K-post secondary social studies curricula and pedagogy for educators at national, state, and local levels, and
        WHEREAS social studies must prepare effective, knowledgeable and active citizens in the democratic and free enterprise systems, and
        WHEREAS educators need to be up-to-date with current social studies pedagogy and content, and
        WHEREAS social studies educators need knowledge in rapidly changing global realities, and
        WHEREAS educators need support of their schools, district administrations, and state education agencies for continuing professional development, and
        WHEREAS social studies educators need the skills to teach reading and writing in the content area,
        BE IT RESOLVED that NCSS provide a sample letter via the NCSS website and affiliate council materials for local and state affiliates in support of development and funding for continuing education for K-postgraduate social studies educators. Local and state affiliates are encouraged to distribute the letter to local, state and national educational and legislative institutions in support of social studies professional development.
        Resolution 02-D2: College and University Tenure Requirements
        Sponsored by Connecticut, Florida, Iowa, Indiana, Rhode Island, and
        WHEREAS the collegiate experience helps shape the skills, knowledge and values of social studies teachers, and
        WHEREAS modeling is a key element in developing values, and
        WHEREAS college and university staff include valuable resources for social studies professional organizations, and
        WHEREAS colleges and universities have reduced or eliminated the significance of participation in, and service to, professional organizations,
        BE IT RESOLVED that the NCSS Board of Directors direct a communiqué to college/university presidents, academic deans, deans of colleges of education requesting that service in [state and national] professional organizations be considered a criterion in the tenure selection process at their institutions.

        Resolution 02-D3: Inclusion of Social Studies as a Federal Core Discipline
        Supported by Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Louisiana, Middle States, New Hampshire, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia
        WHEREAS social studies was excluded as an element in the core curriculum of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) (No Child Left Behind Program), and
        WHEREAS an informed citizen is essential to the welfare of the state, and
        WHEREAS citizenship skills as developed in the social studies curriculum provide the foundation for other disciplines, and
        WHEREAS the ESEA minimally addresses both history and civic education, but does not include social studies in the core curriculum,
        BE IT RESOLVED that NCSS advocate the inclusion of social studies in any federal legislation that relates to the core curriculum.

        Resolution 02-D4: Public Schools and Boy Scouts of America Teaching Citizenship for All
        Supported by Connecticut
        WHEREAS NCSS has a proud history and long-standing record in the fight for the elimination of discrimination and stereotyping based on race, gender, physical disabilities, ethnicity, and sexual orientation; and
        WHEREAS the members of NCSS are on the frontlines of the future of America because our work and our values are rooted in the well-being of this nation, and
        WHEREAS the Boy Scouts of America movement is committed to the worth of all people, and
        WHEREAS the United Way funding has helped the Boy Scouts of America bring scouting programs to underprivileged youth, having a positive impact on young people’s lives, and
        WHEREAS scouting has become an American institution, representing the best in community leadership and service:
        BE IT RESOLVED that NCSS firmly urge the private organization Boy Scouts of America to open its membership and programs to all young American citizens and residents; and
        BE IT RESOLVED that the NCSS publicize this resolution in order to advance common goals by sending out a unified message from the United States social studies teachers.
        Support Withdrawn.

        Resolution 02-D5: University Endowed Chairs
        Sponsored by Florida, Indiana, Iowa, and Rhode Island
        WHEREAS universities provide essential research services in most fields, and
        WHEREAS endowed chairs provide the means to attract the best personnel in each field, and
        WHEREAS endowed chairs reflect the status of programs within the university hierarchy, and
        WHEREAS few, if any endowed chairs for social studies education exist in the United States,
        BE IT RESOLVED that the NCSS Board of Directors explore the possibility of partnering with the colleges and universities to create endowed chairs of social studies education.

        Resolution 02-D6: Personal Freedoms and Homeland Security
        Supported by Idaho, New York, and Association of Teachers of Social Studies/United Federation of Teachers
        WHEREAS the impact of the attacks on September 11, 2001 and the need to protect U.S. citizens from future attacks must be balanced with the protection of individual liberties, and
        WHEREAS the U.S. Congress has passed legislation to allow the president to control hirings and firings of personnel, and
        WHEREAS this legislation potentially jeopardizes the rights of labor and unionization, and the rights of unionized public employees,
        WHEREAS NCSS addressed the issue of restricting civil liberties in its March 2002 issue of Social Education,
        BE IT RESOLVED that NCSS, affiliate councils, and individual members contact members of Congress expressing concern regarding presidential restrictions on civil liberties and possible future restrictions at the state and local levels of unionized public employees.

        Resolution 02-D7: Resolution on Education for all Children
        Supported by Tedd Levy
        WHEREAS 180 countries agreed that it is an international goal to
        provide full primary education to all children by 2015,* and
        WHEREAS approximately 130 million boys and girls between the ages of 6 and 11 are not enrolled in school, and
        WHEREAS approximately 156 million children leave school with less than four years of education, and
        WHEREAS educating female children results in reduced infant mortality, higher incomes, and lower birth rates, and
        WHEREAS a lack of schooling leads to continued cycles of poverty and civil unrest, and
        WHEREAS education can strengthen and advance economic and social development, and
        WHEREAS education can dramatically improve a person’s quality of life and provide better opportunities for strengthening democratic opportunities, and
        WHEREAS education is a fundamental right, the key to sustainable development and peace among people and nations, and
        WHEREAS global support for schooling can bring people together and inspire hope for the future,
        BE IT RESOLVED that National Council for the Social Studies, through its publications and programs, publicize and provide educational material regarding the importance of education for all children, and members of NCSS seek to provide opportunities in their curriculum, including partnership programs and philanthropic efforts, to promote activities that would assist education for all children.
      • Some 160 nations adopted a framework for achieving universal schooling at the World Education Forum, Dakar, Senegal, in April 2000. More recent figures appear in “Education for All Global Monitoring Report: Is the World On Track?” published by the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization. The three goals of Dakar include universal primary education, gender equality and halving illiteracy rates.

        Resolution 02-D8: Resolution on the Importance of Social Studies
        Submitted by Association of Teachers of Social Studies/United Federation of Teachers (ATSS/UFT), New York City
        WHEREAS 9/11 has had a direct physical, emotional, and personal effect on all of the children of the United States, and
        WHEREAS students in all of the United States need to be effective citizens and be prepared to function in a democratic society,
        BE IT RESOLVED that the ideals of civic responsibility, acceptance, concern for the common good and respect for the constitutional rights of individuals in a democratic society be infused into the elementary and secondary levels of the social studies curriculum.

        Resolution 02-E1: Commendation of Farmers Insurance on its 75th Anniversary
        Supported by Connecticut, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Middle States, Missouri, New York, Oregon, and Rhode Island
        WHEREAS Farmers Insurance has provided substantial support of the NCSS goal of creating effective citizens, NCSS should recognize and commend Farmers Insurance on its 75th year, and
        WHEREAS American Promise provides a timely resource for showing our young people how to make informed and reasoned decisions for the public good as citizens of a culturally diverse democratic society in an interdependent world, and
        WHEREAS Farmers Insurance has demonstrated its commitment to civic education as the underwriter of the American Promise program, and
        WHEREAS Farmers Insurance has provided funding for the NCSS Citizenship Revitalization Task Force whose work is key to the NCCS goal of creating effective citizens,
        BE IT RESOLVED that NCSS commend Farmers Insurance in honor of its 75th Anniversary in 2003 for its ongoing promotion and support of civic competence and express NCSS appreciation for Farmers Insurance commitment to this goal.

        Resolution 02-E2: Recognition Of NCSS President Stephen
        Sponsored by Texas
        WHEREAS service to social studies education outside the classroom is the hallmark of a conscientious educator, and
        WHEREAS recognition and reward for such service is often overlooked, and
        WHEREAS Texas is proud to be home to many such outstanding educators,
        BE IT RESOLVED that NCSS recognize President Stephen Johnson of Texas for his years of service to social studies education through his work for NCSS.

-- TimDaly - 02 Sep 2005
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