0.1 2004 NCSS Resolutions

04-01 Teaching American History Grant Funding

Supported By: Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Iowa, Massachusetts, Northern Nevada, Southern Nevada, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Prince Georges County, and Texas

Rationale: The Teaching American History Grants have provided the first step in funding quality professional development opportunities for social studies educators across our nation.

WHEREAS, each LEA grant recipient has utilized Teaching American History Grant funding to provide continuous quality professional development for teachers of American History,

WHEREAS, many states and school districts continue to struggle with the financial burden of providing quality professional development for all social studies professionals,

WHEREAS, NCSS is committed to providing avenues for continual professional growth that result in the creation of effective citizens,

WHEREAS, NCSS recognizes that student achievement is positively affected by the presence of highly qualified teachers who engage in continuous professional development,

BE IF RESOLVED, that NCSS Board of Directors advocate that the U.S. Congress continue funding professional development grant opportunities for not only for the Teaching American History Grants but also to develop other grant programs to address other areas within the social sciences and humanities and that this funding become a permanent item under federal education funding.

HOD Passed

BOD Passed

04-02 NAEP Social Studies Testing

Supported BY: Arkansas, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Massachusetts, Missouri, Southern Nevada, Ohio, South Carolina and Texas

Rational: Assessments of social studies content areas have been postponed by the US Department of Education and National Assessment Governing Board (NAGB), and current NAGB recommendations are to assess social studies disciplines in grade 12 only if resources permit. In order for each state to maintain high quality social studies education programs, a regularly scheduled program of social studies assessments needs to be maintained.

WHEREAS, many states do not conduct assessments in social studies.

WHEREAS, assessment is the means of determining the effectiveness of curriculum and instruction.

WHEREAS, current NAEP social studies assessments do not include disaggregated data that allow states to compare their students performance to a national standard.

BE IT RESOLVED, if not already completed

(1) NCSS encourage all state councils to request that the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) include 12th grade assessments in social studies content areas that include disaggregated data.

(2) NCSS notify the Secretary of Education and related officials of the US Department of Education concerning the NCSS position on this issue.

(3) NCSS contact the members of the Senate and House education committees and notify them of their position.

(4) NCSS notify other organizations (including but not limited to) NCHE, CCE, OAH, AHA of this position.

(5) and, NCSS be encouraged to contact appropriate media outlets regarding its position on national social studies testing.

HOD Passed

BOD Passed—The board discussed the meaning of the resolution and what action is necessary. The NCSS has already expressed support for continuing NAEP and for also including disaggregated state data. Griffin added that the CMS committee isadvocating the Civics NAEP also.
04-03 NCLB Data Gathering Survey Resolution

Supported by: Arkansas, California, Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Massachusetts, Southern Nevada, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania and Texas

Rationale: Social studies should be added as a core academic area to NCLB

WHEREAS: NCLB is up for reauthorization in 2006,

WHEREAS: Federal legislators visited by state council members of NCSS in the summer of 2004 requested accurate data to validate their support for the inclusion of Social Studies as a core academic area of NCLB,

WHEREAS: There has been a significant reduction in resources and instructional time for social studies in the elementary and middle schools across the country,

BE IT RESOLVED, that NCSS should provide opportunities for state councils to collect anecdotes and statistics for the 2005 NCSS Summer Leadership Institute to deliver to legislators and request their support for the inclusion of the social studies as a core academic area in NCLB.

HOD Passed

BOD Passed
04-05 Commendation for the Minnesota Council for the Social Studies and its

Political Partners

Supported BY: Arkansas, California, Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Massachusetts, Michigan, Nebraska, New Mexico, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Oklahoma

Rational: The challenges faced by states related to the development and revision of social studies standards require the entire participation and involvement of state social studies councils, their members, and their political partners.

WHEREAS, the appointed Commissioner of Education in Minnesota selected a citizens committee to draft social studies standards in 2003,

WHEREAS, a second group of Minnesota citizens and members of MCSS found the draft standards lacking in academic integrity and accuracy,

WHEREAS, members of MCSS became fully engaged in the struggles to reject the draft standards and replace them with a revised set of content standards,

WHEREAS, the statewide efforts to replace drafts standards with social studies content standards that were more accurate succeeded in the final hours of the 2004 Minnesota legislative session,

BE IT RESOLVED, that the members of the HOD, the NCSS Board of Directors and the NCSS Officers commend the Minnesota Council for the Social Studies for its active participation in the legislative process leading to changes in the social studies standards.

HOD Passed

BOD Passed
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