0.1 2005 NCSS Resolutions

05-01 Outreach to Non-Public Schools

Supported By: Colorado, Michigan, Middle States, Mississippi, Ohio, Texas, Tennessee, Oregon, California

Whereas: NCSS and local Council of Social Studies conferences appear to have low representation of private, parochial and charter schools.

Whereas: The positions of local and state Social Studies councils and its resolution building could benefit from representation from these groups.

Be It Resolved: That the NCSS, through its state affiliates, promote outreach to the aforementioned groups. Be It Further Resolved: That the NCSS establish contact with state coordinators of parochial, charter and all non-public school programs to encourage and invite participation in local and state Social Studies conferences.

HOD Passed

BOD Passed—The board noted that not all charter schools are non-public schools and discussed whether there are state level coordinators for private and parochial schools. Catholic parochial schools have diocesan level coordinators. Otherwise it varies by state. NY, for example, has a state level coordinator for private schools. Passe asked the board whether it agreed with the spirit of the revolution to have the SIG perform outreach. The SIG could determine how to best achieve this outreach. NCSS should also check with states at SLI and through board liasions on how to best do this in their states.
05-03 Technology Support for Affiliates

Supported By: California, Colorado, Florida, Indiana, Middle States, Minnesota, New Hampshire, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Wisconsin, Tennessee, and Kentucky

Whereas: NCSS members and leaders most often begin their professional development with local and state affiliates of NCSS and,

Whereas: The strength of NCSS is related to the effectiveness of the affiliate organizations and,

Whereas: Most affiliates have common needs such as membership records, website/technology support, advocacy training, publishing, conference facility negotiations, and investment guidance and,

Whereas: Centralization of these services could reduce costs and improve stability and quality of affiliate operations and,

Whereas: Centralizing technology support would free affiliates to focus on other priorities rather than organization operations.

Be It Resolved: That the NCSS board explore the following possibilities of expanding technology support to interested affiliates for an at-cost fee including: website hosting, e-mail addresses, webpage templates, processing of online payments for affiliate membership and/or conference fees.

HOD Passed

BOD Passed—NCSS will investigate the possibility of providing technology services to affiliates. Providing websites is a current possibility, but providing membership and registration services is more complicated and costly. Staff will investigate options and provide info. to the board. The board also noted that more information about what affiliates were in need of would be helpful. Jeff Passe will put together a survey committee.
05-04 NCSS Teacher of the Year/Programs of Excellence Awards

Supported By: Colorado, Indiana, Middle States, Kentucky, and Tennessee

Rationale: State Councils? Teacher of the Year [TOY] and Programs of Excellence [POE] nominees are being recognized locally, but not advancing further for National recognition.

Whereas: NCSS has annually awarded three national TOY/POE recipients [Elementary, Middle, and High Schools].

Whereas: NCSS has advocated that states send their award winners for national recognition.

Whereas: The perception of the application process for National TOY/POE is overwhelming.

Whereas: The number of national applicants for TOY/POE has dwindled in recent years resulting in a lack of recognition for outstanding teachers/programs at the national level.

Whereas: NCSS advocates the cooperation of all states to adhere to the national guidelines for Teacher of the Year/Programs of Excellence and submit a nominee.

Be It Resolved: That NCSS Board of Directors seek from state and local councils their TOY/POE winners as a potential NCSS TOY/POE recipient and encourage previous winners to mentor the nominees through the application process.

HOD Passed

BOD Passed—Board noted that this is something that NCSS currently does. Also, an ad hoc committee is examining the NCSS Awards program. If NCSS can make its process simplified, states can be encouraged to use similar process.
05-05 State Council Legislative Liaisons

Supported By: Colorado, Indiana, Middle States, New Hampshire, New York, North Carolina, Oregon, South Carolina, Wisconsin, and Tennessee.

Rationale: Because the fate of Social Studies education is at a critical point, the role of advocacy for Social Studies education by state council is essential.

Whereas: Political advocacy is the most effective tool to ensure that the voice for Social Studies education be heard.

Whereas: Many state councils do not have active legislative liaisons.

Whereas: State council leaders need timely and concise legislative updates from NCSS staff.

Whereas: The NCSS Toolkit for state council leaders needs to be updated to include tips for advocacy and promotion of Social Studies education.

Be It Resolved that NCSS:

• Encourage state councils to revitalize or establish the position of legislative liaison for advocacy and action regarding legislation and issues related to Social Studies education.

• Provide a concise monthly update of key national legislation and issues affecting Social Studies education with suggested talking points for each state council.

• Encourage each state council liaison to assume the responsibility to share information, facilitate discussion, and encourage action.

• Review and revise the NCSS toolkit as necessary to support this resolution.

HOD Passed

BOD Passed
05-06 FASSE Support

Supported By: Indiana and Kentucky

Rationale: Although recent action by the NCSS Board of Directors has improved funding for the Fund for the Advancement of Social Studies Education (FASSE), this flagship program is in need of greater and more broad based support to provide evidence of commitment which can be used to gather financial backing from private philanthropy groups.

Whereas: The Gold and Silver Star recognition programs are a means of recognizing affiliates for exceptional performance during the year and,

Whereas: The Fund for the Advancement of Social Studies Education is a program supported b the NCSS and its affiliates and,

Whereas: Other professional organizations such as Phi Delta Kappa, require contributions to the organization?s foundation in order to qualify for recognition programs.

Be It Resolved: A new category of recognition be developed to recognize state/local council contributions to FASSE

HOD Passed

BOD Passed—The board discussed the appropriate recognition would be. The board did not want to have effect of shaming councils into contributing and was reluctant to add this to the Gold and Silver Star awards. One idea is sliding the scale that would take into account council size. The intention of the resolution was a public recognition of FASSE support. The board also discussed whether this should be extended to individuals. Thieman stated that this is something that FASSE planned to do, but has not published an individual recognitions. Griffin reported that states that contributed were listed and thanked in TSSP without a reference to amount.
05-07 Support for Teaching Geography is Fundamental Act Funding

Supported By: Arizona, California, Colorado, Indiana, Middle States, New Mexico, New York (ATSS/UFT), Ohio, Oklahoma, Texas, Tennessee, and Kentucky.

Rationale: Senate Bill 1376, Teaching Geography is Fundamental Act, provides a significant step in funding quality programs, geographic educational research, and professional development opportunities for Social Studies educators across our nation.

Whereas: Geography is so fundamental to the understanding of Social Studies concepts,

Whereas: Many states and school districts struggle with the financial burden of providing professional growth opportunities for educators and quality programs in K-12 geographic education.

Whereas: NCSS is committed to providing avenues for curriculum development and quality programs that result in the creation of geographically literate citizens.

Whereas: NCSS recognizes that student achievement is positively affected by the presence of highly qualified teachers who engage in continuous professional development.

Be It Resolved: That the NCSS Board of Directors send letters of support to Congress urging the passage of Senate Bill 1376 to (1) support and fund professional development opportunities for teachers and K-12 programs in geographic education and (2) that this funding become a permanent item under federal education funding.

HOD Passed

BOD Passed
05-08 Resolutions Information in Annual Conference Program

Submitted By: NCSS Resolution Committee

Rationale: To encourage active participation by the general membership in our resolution process.

Whereas: NCSS is dedicated to the advocacy of Social Studies education.

Whereas: NCSS is dedicated to the advocacy of active member participation.

Be It Resolved: That NCSS strongly encourage the conference committee to include information in the conference program publication the process for submitting a resolution to the House of Delegates.

HOD Passed

BOD Defeated---the board noted that this would not be tasked to the Conference Committee, but to the planning committee and to staff. This information is currently published in TSSP. Steering committee chair Renay Scott reported that the resolutions committee wished to have more resolutions. She was opposed to this because it would not have that effect.
Courtesy Resolutions


Supported By: ATSS/UFT

Rationale: To the states which were greatly damaged by recent natural disasters.

Whereas: Many men, women, and children are left without homes, businesses, and schools.

Whereas: Our neighbors showed us support and kindness when our great city was damaged after 9/11. Be It Resolved: That we, the Social Studies teachers from New York City, wish you a very speedy recovery.

Whereas: Since March 2, 1980, Susan Griffin has served NCSS and its members as Director of Membership, Director of Council Services, and as Executive Director.

Be It Resolved: National Council for the Social Studies gratefully recognizes Susan Griffin for 25 years of service to the Council, its House of Delegates and to the Social Studies profession.

Whereas: Cassandra Roberts & Mildred McBee have worked to provide outstanding service to NCSS members since 1980.

Be It Resolved: National Council for the Social Studies gratefully recognizes Cassandra Roberts & Mildred McBee ? for 25 years of service to the Council and its members.

Whereas: The success of any conference is only made possible by the hard work of those who work behind the scenes to ensure an efficient and well organized program.

Be It Resolved: That the House of Delegates recognize and commend the NCSS Conference Committee for their dedication and hard work in making the 85th Annual Conference of National Council for the Social Studies the most successful conference to date.

Whereas: The success of the 85th Annual Conference of National Council for the Social Studies was partly due to the gracious host of Kansas City, MO.

Be It Resolved: That the NCSS House of Delegates wants to thank Kansas City, MO and its people for their hospitality
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