0.1 2006 NCSS Resolutions

06-01 Resolution to Increase Membership Through Online Registration

BE IT RESOLVED: That the NCSS Board explore contracting centralized online membership registration for interested affiliates where affiliates receive direct deposit of funds.

HOD Passed

BOD Defeated

  • Tim Daly, NCSS Director of Administration, investigated software that may accommodate processing state council dues as a service. Because there is not a "unified" membership, there are not really economies of scale to be obtained. When dues are not unified, the programming would involve 51 separate databases, dauntingly complex accounting interfaces, and is very expensive.

06-02 NCSS Enabling Local, Regional, or State Councils in Hosting National


BE IT RESOLVED: NCSS will actively explore efforts to support the financial well being and survival of the local, state, and regional councils.

HOD Passed

BOD Defeated

  • Board members did not think that the language of the resolution was clear about what action was being requested of NCSS. For that reason, the board did not pass the resolution.—Altoff noted that one of the goals of NCSS is to assist struggling councils.

  • Gayle Thieman appointed two board members to explore ways for NCSS to soften the financial blow of hosting the NCSS conference. These may include increasing the $5 fee for registrants from the host state(s) and working with the affiliate to approach local foundations and corporations for support. This process is ongoing.


Be it resolved: that NCSS pursue legislative action to restore adequate funding for national, state, and local archives, historical sites and history focused museums.

HOD Passed

BOD Passed

  • NCSS is a member of the National Coalition for History, and one of the goals of this organization is to support the preservation of historic sites, and archives. When NCSS is asked by the Coalition, the organization also alerts our networks to weigh in on pertinent legislation


BE IT RESOLVED: NCSS provides an electronic endorsement to local and state councils conveying the importance of present and future funding for professional development opportunities for social studies educators.

HOD Passed

BOD Passed—The board discussed the intent of the resolution is. Paul Nagel commented that this is something that NSSSA could appropriately do. Dorsee Johnson-Tucker reported that the intent was that many teachers are unable to get the funds to attend the professional development funds as these go mostly to other subjects. Peggy Jackson stated that the intent was to provide a letter to convey NCSS Support.

  • NCSS leaders, working with Washington Partners, have been closely monitoring the reauthorization language in Title II, which includes professional development money. Professional development funding has been included in all NCSS letters to Congress including the “Welcome to the New Congress”, our letter to Miller and McKeon, as well as Kennedy and Enzi regarding reauthorization of Title II.


Be it resolved: That NCSS will continue to encourage and support state councils to take leadership roles in forging social studies alliances with other state and local social studies content organizations.

HOD Passed

BOD Passed—Gayle Thieman reported that the intent was to encourage state councils to make connections with state disciple groups in the same manner NCSS is doing on the national level.

  • At the 2005 Summer Leadership Institute, the Michigan Council presented a model of how this could be achieved--Michigan identified a common objective around which these connections were made. NCSS continues to encourage this type of collaboration.


Be it resolved: That NCSS will continue to take a leadership role to form alliances and partnerships with other content organizations.

HOD Passed

BOD Passed

  • This is part of ongoing activities. In October 2007, NCSS joined the other discipline-area teacher organizations signing a letter to Senators Kennedy and Enzi, with the other discipline area teacher organizations that emphasized the need for professional development.

06-09 Conference Director Help From NCSS

Be it resolved: That NCSS will share its expertise in setting up conferences by sponsoring a meeting of the NCSS Conference Director (and pertinent staff members) with state and regional conference directors at the Summer Leadership Institute, Annual Conference, or other such function.

HOD Passed

BOD Passed—Staff requested clarification on what this involved. Peggy Jackson explained that the intent is that NCSS Conference Director make a presentation on setting up conference at SLI, or a document that could be shared with council leaders.

  • The NCSS director of meetings has and continues to be available for consultation for affiliate councils. NCSS had planned to include the director of meetings in the SLI presentation this past summer but Ella left in June and David Bailor was hired in August. We did have an excellent presentation on conference planning by the South Carolina Council for the Social Studies.


BE IT RESOLVED: That the National Council for the Social Studies Board of Directors take all appropriate measures to aid social studies teachers, school administrators, and local school boards in resisting efforts to include instruction in alternatives to evolutionary theory within social studies programs and;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED: That the National Council for the Social Studies disseminates a clear, concise rationale for not including instruction in alternatives to evolutionary theory within social studies programs and;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED: That the National Council for the Social Studies endorses the study of controversies surrounding the teaching of evolution, creationism, and intelligent design in the context of courses addressing public policy issues, comparative religious beliefs, or other similar topics.

HOD Passed

BOD —The board discussed the resolution. Are local school boards the appropriate target? Should NCSS make a blanket statement that NCSS will take appropriate measures in each of these cases? Jackson stated that the purpose is to have a policy statement that offers a rationale on not including instruction in alternatives to evolutionary theory. Hart commented that a position statement could be an appropriate measure.

  • Peggy Altoff appointed a task force from the NCSS board of directors to write a position statement on Intelligent Design. That statement appeared in the September issue of Social Education and it now on the website.
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