0.1 2007 NCSS Resolutions

Revised at NCSS Resolutions Committee Meeting 11-29-07 and Open Hearing 11-30-07


NCLB Action Plan for NCSS Advocacy

Supported by: California, Middle States, South Carolina

Co-Sponsors: Tennessee, California, Massachusetts, New Mexico, New York State, Texas, Georgia, North Carolina

Be It Resolved: that the NCSS Board Leadership will develop proposals for specific changes to NCLB legislation, which will ensure the inclusion of Social Studies in the educational mandates of NCLB.

HOD Passed

BOD Passed—The board noted that we have done some of what is asked for in the resolution, but there is nothing we can do to ensure in inclusion of social studies. The requested action is to develop proposals, which NCSS has done and is doing.

  • NCSS continues to press for specific changes to NCLB legislation and to other federal policy as relates to social studies. The agenda includes: recognizing social studies as a core subject on equal footing with reading, writing, mathematics and the sciences;

inclusion of state assessments in social studies as possible alternative assessments to be included as part of AYP.

NCSS as part of the Forum for Education Accountability has signed on to

NCSS has written to both presidential campaigns concerning the importance of social studies

Sponsored by: Colorado Council for the Social Studies, Georgia, New Mexico, Texas, North Carolina

Supported by: NCSS Officers and BOD

BE IT RESOLVED: That the National Council for the Social Studies (NCSS), the NCSS membership and the Council’s board contact their Congressional Representatives to request that funding for NAEP assessments assures that those related to NCLB-designated core social studies content areas are administered according to the original schedule.

HOD Passed

BOD Passed

  • NCSS worked with Representative Betty McCollum to introduce legislation to pilot an expanded NAEP for U.S. History and Civics in 10-12 states to provide disaggregated data on student performance. This is a House companion to the Alexander/Kennedy bill S.1414. This was included in talking points during the 2008 Summer Leadership Institute.

  • NCSS continues to work with other social studies discipline organizations on areas of common concern.


NCSS Early Childhood Education Position Statement

Update Committee

Supported by: Arizona

Co-Sponsors: California, Oregon, Connecticut, Wisconsin, New Mexico, Texas, Georgia, North Carolina

BE IT RESOLVED: that the National Council for the Social Studies convene a body to develop a new position statement on social studies for early childhood education.

HOD Passed

BOD Passed—During the board meeting Michael Yell reported that documents review has a group looking at this currently

Fostering Effective Communication Among Social Studies Communities

Supported by: New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Illinois

Co-Sponsors: California, Oregon, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Wisconsin,

New Mexico, New York State

BE IT RESOLVED: that, in order to improve the quality of social studies teaching and learning in every classroom, the NCSS national, state, regional, local councils and special interest communities relating to social studies, will open a clear dialog between these diverse groups through joint endeavors including conferences, publications, and/or sponsorships to better address a theoretical, practical and standards-based approach to the teaching of social studies.

HOD Passed

BOD Passed—The board discussed the intent of resolution. It noted that it falls within one of our objectives. Passe explained that it is necessary to communicate better among the mentioned groups. Communities website; articles in our publications; council president’s website/blog. The board was unclear exactly, however, what actions were requested and did not, therefore, wish to approve. The board noted, however that NCSS is working toward the issues in the resolution.

  • Strengthening communication among NCSS constituent groups coincides with objectives outlined in the NCSS board’s strategic plan. NCSS staff continues to work on facilitating intra-organizational communication on the website, is addressing practical and standards-based approach to instruction via NCSS publication and through the work of the Standards Revision Task Force. NCSS is also working to expand summer professional development opportunities.



Supported by: North Carolina, South Carolina, Oregon, Tennessee, Michigan

Co-Sponsors: Oregon, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Wisconsin, New Mexico

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED: NCSS provide state councils with electronic membership information quarterly;

AND FURTHER BE IT RESOLVED: State Councils provide NCSS with an electronic copy of State Member database for joint membership recruitment only.

HOD Passed

BOD Passed—The board noted that this calls for the information quarterly. Staff asked that we could do this maybe three times per year. Some board members would note that it would be used once a year. Tina noted that conferences occur at different times, and this would allow conference. Paul Nagel questioned whether states could provide it electronically. Dorsee noted that the affiliate has possibly missed some joint members. Moore noted that the KyCSS does not want to share the list with NCSS. Passe asked the board to focus on the idea rather than the frequency. NCSS should try to do this, but we might not be able to do it quarterly or states may not share or be able to share. Laviano noted that this was in the spirit of reciprocity. Sandy Roberts noted that states can request these lists at any time.

  • NCSS staff offers affiliates lists of NCSS members upon request and once yearly as part of affiliation. We continue to work on expanding the pilot program for new state members on NCSS renewals as well as strengthening affiliates understanding of brokering. Both were included in roundtable presentations at the Summer Leadership Institute.



Supported by: Michigan, Oregon, South Carolina and Tennessee, North Carolina

Co-Sponsors: Oregon, New Mexico

BE IT RESOLVED: That NCSS provide and aid State Councils in the development of a process that will allow revolving membership enrollment and renewal.

HOD Passed

BOD Defeated

  • The board was unsure what this resolution meant or the action requested. No action taken.



Supported by: Arkansas, Middle States, South Carolina, New Jersey, New York, Texas, ATSS/UFT-NYC, Missouri, Connecticut, Virginia

Co-Sponsors: Tennessee, California, Oregon, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Wisconsin, New Mexico, New York State, Texas, Georgia

BE IT RESOLVED: that the NCSS Taskforce on Underrepresented Groups actively recruit and initiate partnerships with institutions of higher education to increase membership of people from underrepresented groups.

HOD Passed

BOD Passed

  • NCSS staff and board participated in outreach to Historically Black Colleges and Universities and worked with CUFA to provide membership packets to methods professors who responded to the listserv promotion.


On-Demand Professional Development

Supported by: Washington, Michigan, Texas

Co-Sponsors: Tennessee, California, Oregon, Connecticut, Wisconsin, New Mexico, New York State, Texas

Be it Resolved: The National Council for the Social Studies convene a body to investigate the research, design, implement, and evaluate online, anytime, anywhere professional development programs through streaming video for effective social studies instruction in an era of standards based learning and high stakes testing.

HOD Passed

BOD Defeated—Michael Yell explained that his planning subgroup talked about this. Peggy Altoff noted that it is asking for online professional development. This would probably require investment in resources. This calls for an investigation rather than an allocation of funds. Other board members thought that this required more than investigations.
  • The NCSS board did not believe that resources were available to explore on-line professional development at the same time the database and website were being upgraded. There is an effort to expand the offerings of NCSS summer workshops.


Federal Support for Social Studies Professional Development

Supported by: Illinois

Co-Sponsor: Oregon, Massachusetts, Wisconsin, New Mexico, Texas

Let it be resolved: that NCSS encourage Congress to include ample and diverse professional development opportunities with adequate participation incentives and employer support to strengthen the knowledge and skills of teachers.

HOD Passed

BOD Passed

  • NCSS continues to communicate the critical need for professional development opportunities in social studies disciplines both in Title II and in various legislation such as, Teaching American History, Civic Education, Economic Education, and Teaching Geography is Fundamental.


Regional Council Assistance Teams

Supported by: Florida

Co-Sponsor: Massachusetts, Wisconsin, New Mexico, Texas

Rationale: NCSS has a responsibility to develop and maintain strong affiliate councils

Where As: State organizations have disappeared in several states and;

Where As: Some state organizations are experiencing difficulties in maintaining membership, conducting conferences, producing publications and managing finances;

Be It Resolved: That NCSS encourage the development of regional council assistance teams, by calling on individuals in each region with talent and expertise in key areas of council development to assist states /councils in need of support.

HOD Passed

BOD Passed

  • Current resources preclude in-person visits to councils by regional teams. The NCSS board of directors is currently committed to a twice-a-year contact with each state council to identify areas of concern. There are some issues that can be helped through additional support from staff.


Impact of National Council’s Conferences on States and Regions

Supported by: Florida

Co-Sponsors: California, Oregon, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Wisconsin,

New Mexico, Texas, Georgia

Be It Resolved: That NCSS Board of Directors explore additional mechanisms to minimize the financial and leadership impact of national conferences on host states or regions.

HOD Passed

BOD Passed

  • NCSS staff is researching a variety of mechanisms to provide revenue enhancements back to the host councils. These will change from site to site—depending on the resources of the local Convention and Visitors’ Bureau and NCSS finances in any given year. NCSS understands the obligation to the host councils very clearly.



Supported by: Colorado, California, Maryland, Oklahoma, Prince George’s County

Co-Sponsors: Oregon, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Wisconsin, New Mexico, Texas

BE IT RESOLVED: NCSS should encourage and support the establishment of legislative liaisons at the affiliate levels who will monitor critical issues and engage in pro-active media and public relations in a timely manner as they relate to educational policy and programs that impact social studies education by providing training sessions for legislative liaisons at the annual conference facilitated by NCSS staff.

HOD Passed

BOD Passed—Paul Nagel asked whether states could work among themselves. In Texas, e.g., their legislative liasions live in the state capital. Passe noted that there are states that might need training.

  • NCSS continues to encourage affiliates to appoint legislative liaisons and to enhance what we offer this network. Although we are unable to provide training at the annual conference in Houston, we continue training at the Summer Leadership Institute and have purchased Voter Voice, an on-line advocacy tool for affiliates.



Supported by: Connecticut and New England History Teachers Association

Co-Sponsors: California, Oregon, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Wisconsin,

New Mexico, New York State, Texas

Be it resolved: that NCSS will encourage and assist state and regional councils in significantly increasing their applications for NCSS awards

--by creating a liaison with each council represented in the House of Delegates who will be responsible for publicizing, soliciting and mentoring their state award winners or programs of excellence

--by submitting articles throughout the year about NCSS winners and criteria for each award to individual state/regional newsletter editors and encouraging them to publicize awards

--by encouraging states to recognize their state award winners at their state and regional conferences

--by offering a training session for liaisons at the Houston 2008 NCSS, led by Awards committee members

-- by putting the videos of some of the Awards of Excellence on line for potential applicants and other teachers to view

--by soliciting other ideas from the House of Delegates, the NCSS Board of Directors and state leadership for increasing applications of all NCSS Programs of Excellence.

HOD Passed

BOD Passed

  • Councils submit contacts for their awards and Programs of Excellence when they complete affiliation renewal each year. When needed, special outreach is made to these contacts for additional applications.
  • Award/grant winners are announced in the Nov/Dec issue of TSSP. This is followed by an article about each award/grant winter in either the Jan/Feb or March/April issue of the newsletter. Call for awards/grants nominations is published in the September issue. Staff will explore including a brief description of this year’s winner in the award/grant section of the website.
  • States are already encouraged to recognize their state award winners at their state and regional conferences.
  • Staff will suggest to the Awards Committee to provide a training session at the Atlanta Conference.
  • Awards Committee is exploring how other organizations handle this. Staff is exploring the feasibility of streaming video but not all awards contain videos/dvds/cds so perhaps sample applications would be a reasonable substitute.
  • Awards committee must evaluate how to streamline the Programs of Excellence Award criteria without sacrificing rigor.



Supported by: Arkansas, Middle States, South Carolina, New Jersey, New York, Texas, ATSS/UFT-NYC, Missouri, Connecticut, Virginia

Co-Sponsors: Tennessee, New Jersey, Oregon, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Wisconsin, New Mexico, New York State, Texas

BE IT RESOLVED: that NCSS should encourage state and local councils to contribute to the First Timer’s Scholarship Fund and/or institute similar scholarships at a local level in order to attract first time attendees to the NCSS National Conference.

HOD Passed

BOD Passed

  • Gayle Thieman, NCSS past president, has recruited both exhibitor, private sector, and individual donor support for the First Timer’s Scholarship Fund.


Resolution Supporting the Chicago 2016 Olympics

Supported by: Great Lakes Council for the Social Studies; Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Ohio, Michigan

Co-Sponsor: Connecticut, Wisconsin, Texas

Rationale: We recognize the unparalleled educational opportunities provided by hosting the Olympics in the United States to promote NCSS values of diversity, sportsmanship and international understanding. Hosting the Olympics will offer an avalanche of teachable moments to fulfill the role of social studies education in our classrooms and communities.

Whereas: Chicago is the official nominee of the United States Olympic Committee to host the Summer Olympic Games in 2016 and;

Whereas: no city has been designated as the host for the 2015 NCSS Annual Meeting and;

Whereas: we have a unique opportunity to have our 2015 NCSS Annual Meeting in a setting where it can take advantage of the international environment represented by the Olympic games and;

Whereas: as social studies professionals, our support for Chicago as the host for the NCSS will encourage its selection as the host of the 2016 Olympics by the International Olympic Committee in 2009;

Be It Resolved: NCSS endorses Chicago’s effort to host the 2016 Summer Olympic Games and we encourage the NCSS Convention Committee and Board of Directors to seriously consider selection of Chicago to host the 2015 NCSS Annual Meeting.

HOD Passed

BOD Passed—Michael Boucher noted that NCSS opinion regarding the site of the Olympics doesn’t carry any influence. Jeff Passe noted that this is something that NCSS doesn’t have a reason to support.
07-04-1 A Call for a Public Stand

BE IT RESOLVED: that the National Council for the Social Studies urges its members and associated groups through publication of this resolution in Social Education, The Social Studies Professional and other appropriate outlets, including the NCSS web site:

  1. To take a public stand as citizens on behalf of the values and goals taught in social studies and necessary to the practice of our profession; and
  2. To do whatever they can to bring the Iraq war to a speedy conclusion;
HOD Passed

BOD Defeated—Jeff Passe commented that the resolution itself is benign. Some board members had concerns about the process during which this was passed. Bruce Damasio, reported that he has had several members express their opposition to this. Passe commented that he has had comments in support of the resolution. Michael Simpson commented that most is benign, but there are some items that are controversial. Does approving this mean that NCSS goes on record with the resolutions. Passe said that only the resolved part counts. Michael Boucher commented that this is seemed unnecessarily “ unacademic” or provocative.

    • This resolution was published with all others passed by the HOD in the May/June issue of Social Education and is on the website. The board voted to not take additional action.
Recognition of NCSS Member Conference Chair 2007 Diane Hart, the California Council for the Social Studies, and the Local Arrangements Committee in San Diego and California

Whereas Diane Hart has worked tirelessly for several years as Conference Chair of the 07 San Diego Conference with great vision

Whereas Diane Hart has overcome challenges and obstacles to create Crossing Borders/Building Bridges

Whereas Diane Hart and the San Diego teachers, the California Council for the Social Studies, and the Local Arrangements Committee have worked with great tenacity and teamwork

Whereas the San Diego teachers and the California Council for the Social Studies

have endured personal pain, adversity, and loss due to recent catastrophes


The National Council for the Social Studies staff and membership honor and thank these members for their outstanding work and service to all of our national and international colleagues and friends
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