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"Resolutions" Webinar Friday, November 11th 1:30-3:00PM EDT.

The webinar will covered the following topics:
  • Define resolutions: What is their purpose?
  • Questions to consider when writing a resolution;
  • Resolution Structure, Effectiveness and Clarity;
  • What role does your group have in NCSS and why is it important to for your group to participate in the resolutions process?
  • Collaborative Discourse suggestions;
  • 2011 Submitted Resolutions
  • Submission and Review Deadlines for this Year and Next Year
  • Timeframe for Implementation of approved resolutions
Presented by Brad Burenheid, Chair Resolutions Committee

Supporting Documents:
  1. NCSS Strategic Plan--This document describes the current and future long and short term goals of NCSS.
  2. Article IX from the 2009 HOD Manual--This article of the HOD Manual provides the resolution guidelines followed by the House of Delegates, its Committees and the Board of Directors.
  3. NCSS Activities Overview
  4. 2011 Submitted Resolutions
  5. 2011 NCSS Resolution Workshop PowerPoint
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