NCSS Board of Directors

February 2006

Friday, February 10, 2006

Jeff Passe called the meeting to order at 8:30am.

I. Agenda

  • Motion: ... to approve agenda. Passed

II. Meeting Minutes

  • Motion: ... to approve meeting minutes.
  • Passed

III. Governance Reports

A. President's Report.

Jeff Passe entertained questions about his written report. The board asked for details about the idea to provide evaluative services for states revising their social studies programs. Passe reported that details of this are not yet determined, but NCSS should explore this possibility.

B. President-Elect Report

Peggy Altoff presented some updates regarding conference planning. Henry Louis Gates, Jr. confirmed as a keynote speaker. John Stossel is still on the program, but the session format has been changed to a point-counterpoint format following his criticism of education.

C. Vice President's Report

Gayle Thieman reported that she attended a meeting of the Washington Council for the Social Studies to discuss the possibilities of hosting the NCSS conference in Seattle. They requested more feedback, and are still discussing whether they are willing to host. The council is concerned with the financial effect and the work load of hosting a conference.

D. Financial and Audit Reports

Paul Scwobel introduced Derek Stroschneider of Calibre CPA Group who presented the draft audit reports to the board. NCSS is $197,000 in the black, but cautioned the board that NCSS need to continue to be careful about it's financial health. He recommends that NCSS have at least 1 year operating expenses in net assets in reserve.

E. Staff Reports

Susan Griffin presented highlights from the staff reports. She reminded the board that although NCSS finances have improved, it is necessary to be cautious with funding.

Paul Schwobel presented the current financial reports and activity statements. The board mentioned that information about FASSE fund balance and activity would be desirable.

The board discussed the situation with the Radisson Hotel in Kansas City. There is no further action that NCSS can take. The annual conference program planning committee will address issues related to the breakfast by making this a ticketed event to eliminate the need for attendees to stand in line to attend.

The board discussed the selection of a new editor of Social Studies and the Young Learner. The news of the selection leaked out prior to official announcement of the selection to the candidates which caused some misunderstandings. The board expressed confidence in the propriety of selection process, but regretted that the decision was made known prematurely.

The board discussed the idea of adding additional "alleys" in the exhibit hall in the manner of Econ Alley and International Alley.

F. Intergroup Relations Committee

Peggy Altoff presented notes from the Intergroups Relations meeting. She reported that for the DC conference, the committee is discussing printing an evaluation and an attendance certificate in the program.

Continuing Business

A. House of Delegates Resolutions

The board noted that not all charter schools are non-public schools and discussed whether there are state level coordinators for private and parochial schools. Catholic parochial schools have diocesan level coordinators. Otherwise it varies by state. NY, for example, has a state level coordinator for private schools. Passe asked the board whether it agreed with the spirit of the resolution to have the SIG perform outreach. The SIG could determine how to best achieve this outreach. NCSS should also check with states at SLI and through board liaisons on how to best do this in their states.

  • Motion: ... to accept 05-01. (Koren/Banks)
  • Passed

05-03 Technology assistance.
NCSS will investigate the possibility of providing technology services to affiliates. Providing websites is a current possibility, but providing membership and registration services is more complicated an costly. Staff will investigate options and provide information to the board. The board also noted that more information about what affiliates were in need of would be helpful. Jeff Passe will put together a survey committee.

  • Motion: ... to accept 05-03. (Koren/Goldberg)
  • Passed

05-04 State Teacher of the Year Awards
  • Motion: ... to accept 05-04. (Koren/Banks)
  • Passed

The board noted that this is something that NCSS currently does. Also, an ad hoc committee is examining the NCSS awards program. If NCSS can make its process simplified, states can be encouraged to use a similar process.

05-05 State Council Legislative Liaisons

  • Motion: ... to accept 05-05. (Koren/Thieman)
  • Passed
The board noted that Washington Partners is tasked to provide updates. They are also looking at our toolkit. NCSS will check with Washington Partners about talking points. It is probably best to distribute talking points when specific action is necessary as opposed to monthly.

It discussed why states do not have state legislative liaisons. One issue is that there is an official position, but its liaison is not able to do this work because of teaching duties, etc. The Toolkit should also help give the liaisons the information necessary to perform these tasks.

05-06 FASSE Support

  • Motion: ... to accept 05-06. (Banks/Scott)
  • Failed

The board discussed what the appropriate recognition would be. The board did not want this to have the effect of shaming councils into contributing and was reluctant to add this to the Gold and Silver Star awards. One idea is sliding scale that would take into account council size. The intention of the resolution was a public recognition of FASSE support. The board also discussed whether this should be extended to individuals. Thieman stated that this is something that FASSE planned to do, but has not published an individual recognitions. Griffin reported that states that contributed were listed and thanked in TSSP without a reference to amount.

05-07 Support for Teaching Geography is Fundamental Act Funding

  • Motion: ... to accept 05-07. (Koren/Laviano)
  • Passed

05-08 Resolutions Information in Annual Conference Program
  • Motion: ... to accept 05-08. (Koren/Sheehy)
  • Failed The board noted that this would not be tasked to the Conference Committee, but to the planning committee and to staff. This information is currently published in TSSP. Steering committee chair Renay Scott reported that the resolutions committee wished to have more resolutions. She was opposed to this because it would not have that effect.

Committee Reports

Archives Committee
David Faerber presented highlights from the committee report. The NCSS archives will be moving soon from Teacher's College Library to Columbia University Library.

Assessment Committee
Dorsee Johnson-Tucker presented highlights of report. The committee is working to finalize the position statement on Assessment by March.

Awards Committee
Paul Nagel reported on the committees discussions and activities. There is some discrepancy in scoring which needs to be worked out. He presented several recommendations from the committee:

_Committee Actions or Recommendations
Overall Recommendation: Process for Carter G. Woodson Book Selection Evaluation Schedule Should be Changed (2006 dates plugged in for example purposes? subsequent years would be very similar)

  • Recommendation: April - June (2006) - CBC includes a note on the call for book nominations in their newsletter to publishers

  • Rationale: The CBC has approximately 80 members within their membership representing an overwhelming majority of the major publishers within the field of children?s and adolescent literature. A call for nominations from this non-profit organization would broaden the scope of nominations. In addition, this process has been streamlined in other book selection committees such as NCSS Notable Books and NSTA Outstanding Science Trade Books.

  • Recommendation: April ? November 1st (2006) ? books arrive from publishers and committee members evaluate books as they are received throughout this period. It has been my experience (when serving previously on the NCSS Notables Committee that follows this schedule) that the vast majority of the submissions will occur long before the deadline.

  • Rationale: As noted above in the current schedule, committee members have approximately 8 weeks to read and evaluate the submitted titles. This alteration would extend the evaluation period to 7 months. This additional time could be used to make more informed choices regarding the submissions such as authentication issues and possible utilization of the text in a classroom setting.

  • Recommendation: November or December (2006) (depending on the NCSS Conference dates) ? The committee will meet (at the annual conference) and discuss their top selections for each of the three categories and select the winners & honor books for each category.

  • Rationale: This is a significant shift from the current practice. This would allow the members of the committee to actually discuss critical aspects of the submissions face to face and possibly reevaluate their own ideas about a book based on the informed discussion. Currently, the members only evaluate the books based on a rubric and the scores for each selection are averaged by the chair and the winners are then announced to the committee and the public. This proposed process would involve more of the members and would also truly utilize the expertise within the membership of the committee during the selection process.

  • Recommendation: December 31st (2006) - The winners have been selected, NCSS and the publishers are notified, and the written reviews (for Social Education) for each of the winners/honor books have been assigned.

  • Rationale: This is not a significant change from the current practice.

  • Recommendation: February 15th (2007) - book reviews due to NCSS

  • Rationale: This is not a significant change from the current practice.

  • Recommendation: November or December (2007) (depending on the NCSS Conference dates) -The winners of the award for the previous year (2006) are honored at the annual convention (this would remain constant ) & the committee would begin selecting the winning titles for the 2007 year? to be honored at the 2008 convention etc.

  • Rationale: This is not a change from the current practice (regarding the honoring of the books at the annual convention).

* Overall Rationale: In addition to the other explanations offered above for each proposed change, the shift in the evaluation schedule would allow publishers to include the award winning and honor books in trade publications and other media outlets, thus granting greater exposure for the award. Also, the length of time between the selection of the winning books (by the end of the calendar year) and the formal recognition of the titles (at the subsequent NCSS annual convention ? almost a year later) will allow publishers greater flexibility in marketing the books while they are most current and more likely to be selected for purchase by media professionals in school and public libraries.

Recommendation: That the eligibility requirements for Grant for the Enhancement of Geographic Literacy Award (Cram Award) be changed so that an individual may be considered again for the award after a three-year period.

  • Rationale: Such a change will promote ongoing growth in learning and research by individuals who have won previously while providing a limiting factor to allow for more participation.

Recommendation: That the Awards Committee establish contact (through a possible list-serve) with state council presidents in order to encourage them to bring their state teacher awards program applications in line with the national teacher awards program applications.

  • Rationale: Bringing these programs in line will increase participation in the national awards programs.

  • Motion: ... to approve recommendation to adjust timeline for Carter G. Woodson Awards as recommended. (Banks/Armstrong)
  • Passed

  • Motion: ... to change eligibility requirements for the Grant for Enhancing Geographic Literacy to 5 years(Banks/Faerber)
  • Passed

Citizenship Select Subcommittee
Bruce Damasio presented the committee's report. The committee plans to host a 2-hour workshop at the 2006 annual conference.

Jeff Passed asked the board to discuss the Citizenship Education Workgroup proposal. This proposal was made in 2003, but has not been acted upon. He met with a group in Kansas City which made some recommendation on activities NCSS could undertake. Diane Hart provided background. This was approved by the board, but was not implemented. Armstrong stated that this group would look at the unique things that NCSS could do in the area of advancing civic education. The board discussed whether this should be discussed in conjunction with the strategic plan review. It will discuss this during that session with the intent of making a decision at this meeting.

Conference Committee
Shelly Singer reported on the committee's meeting. The committee recommended Seattle as the location for the 2012 conference. Ella McDowell reported that the Washington State Councils has financial and work force concerns about hosting the annual conference and questions regarding national support, and what input it would have in the program. It has emailed several questions to NCSS. It may be willing to host if these questions can be addressed. The board discussed whether it should postpone a decision on 2012 until the Spring meeting. Another option would be to swap 2012 region with 2013 to give them more time. The board discussed the issues related to site selection and what the next steps would be. Other councils need to be approached prior to considering cities in their states. NCSS should work with them as a contingency. The board discussed whether it could consider Las Vegas as a location. There may not be enough state council support in Nevada.

  • Motion: ... to request a decision from the Washington Council prior to the April board meeting. (Altoff/Sheehy)
  • Passed

Regional Conferences
  • Motion: ... to approve regional conferences as presented by the conference committee.
  • Passed The board noted that it needed more information about the location of the Great Lakes meeting prior to approving that.

Curriculum Committee
Lynne Boyle-Baise reported on the committee's activities and discussions. Boyle-Baise will check with the committee whether it recommends specific action on the Science and Society statement. Passe questioned whether there should an ad hoc committee appointed to look at this issue if the Curriculum Committee does not feel it has the expertise.

Government Relations/Public Relations
These two committees wish to merge.
  • Motion: ... to approve the merging of the two committees (Altoff/Koren)
  • Passed
Steve Armstrong reported that this group wished to have a conference call with Washington Partners. Passe and Griffin will check with Washington Partners. The chair could be included in calls. Banks also reported that this committee could help with the legislative liaisons resolution.

Instruction Committee
Carol Warren presented highlights of the committee's report.
  • The committee hosted an outreach session in Chicago. It was not able to do so in Baltimore or KC, but wishes to attempt to do so in Washington.
  • The committee believes that the ability grouping statement needs revision. Recommends that it be removed from circulation noting that is is under revisions.

International Activities
Ricki Laviano summarized the committee's report. Their concerns were better coordination with IA. They hope to organize an embassy tour for the DC conference, with a follow-up session. They are also working on an international conference. Griffin reported that NCSS had been in discussions with the Goethe Institute about a possible conference in Germany. They insisted that it needed to be in 2007. NCSS requires more time for organizational review purposes and to allow members to better plan.

Membership Committee
Mike Koren reported the committee's discussions and activities.

Publications Committee
Diane Hart highlighted the committee's meeting. The committee is still interested in the middle level journal. It wishes to have an ad hoc committee to determine how to launch this journal. Passe asked whether the Publications Committee could do this. Simpson reported that a feeling of the board about when NCSS might be able to afford to do the journal.

  • Motion: appoint an ad hoc committee to examine launching a middle level journal. (Goldberg/Armstrong)
  • Passed

Research Committee
Shelly Singer reported on the committee's meeting. The committee discussed awarding the Metcalf award during even years.

_Social Justice and Academic Freedom
Syd Golston presented the committee's report.
  • Motion: ... to establish a separate Social Justice Committee in addition to an Academic Freedom Committee (Golston/Sheehy) The board discussed whether the Governance Transition Team consider this during their review of committees. * Motion: ... to postpone discussion until the April meeting. (Hart/Goldberg) * Passed

The committee noted that NCSS is not listed as having endorsed the AAUP statement. NCSS will notify them that we have endorsed it.

The committee also wishes to rename the defense of academic freedom award.

  • Motion: ... to rename the Defense of Academic Freedom Award to the Jack L. Nelson Defense of Academic Freedom Award . (Altoff/Golston) Failed.

The board had concerns about changing the name of an award after an individual.

Motion: to extend the meeting until 445 to finish committee reports. Nagel/Banks Passed

Teacher Education and Professional Development Committee
Eileen Sheehy presented the committee's report.

Technology Committee
Steve Goldberg reported on the committee's activity. The committee wishes to move to a standing committee from a subcommittee. The committee wishes to have more sessions on integrating technology. The board recommended that the committee's status be deferred until the Governance Transition Team examine committee restructuring.

Saturday,February 11

Jeff Passe called meeting to order at 8:30.

Ad Hoc Committees

Jeff Passe reported on the work of the ad hoc committees.

  • Scope and Sequence. Mike Koren reported that the committee is still working on its tasks. Eileen Sheehy suggested that members of the Curriculum Committee may be interested and willing to help. The board discussed whether this would better be addressed as a task force.

  • Awards. The awards ad hoc committee has completed its work, and recommendations will be sent to the board in a few weeks.

  • Outreach. The outreach committee never started because of a possibility of a summit hosted by Junior Achievement.

  • Diversity. The diversity committee has a new chair. They will have a recommendation shortly.

State Council Reports

The board discussed the summaries of the state council reports.

Strategic Plan Review

The board moved to a review of the strategic plan. The board reviewed trends that may affect the work of NCSS; a review of progress toward objectives so far; and discussed priorities for the coming year.

The board identified the following areas as priorities:
  • Expanded use of Website to build community
  • Outreach to Underrepresented Groups
  • Revitalize Citizenship
  • Standards Review
  • Professional Development

  • Motion: ...establish working group to reexamine current standards to determine what if anything needs to be done to revise them and consider next steps. (Altoff/Banks)
  • Passed

The board discussed that this group needs to be diverse and representative. Hart questioned whether standards were less important than establishing what good standards are.

Passe explained some of the issues involved--state standards; teacher preparation standards; need for assessment. First role would be to reaffirm or recommend revision of the strands. Identify criticisms of the standards (positive or negative.) It would meet three-times in the year and report back next winter.

Policy Manual Review

Because the board meeting was likely to be shortened due to bad weather, the review of the policy manual changes was postponed until the April meeting.

Endorsements and Special Projects

Pi Lambda Theta
Gayle Thieman reported that the endorsements and special projects committee. PLT wished to extend membership to our TOY award winners. NCSS would provide contact information to PLT of award winners so they could be invited to join. The committee recommended approval. PASSED

Partner in grant proposal PLAN.
The committee had questions about whether NCSS needed to review publications prior to them going to members. Simpson felt that this would probably not be an issue in this case, but we could say it is subject to review by NCSS. There was a question about NCSS distribution. The request states that there is no financial responsibility for NCSS.

The committee recommended approval. Passed

Funding for substitute teachers for K-12 board meetings.

  • Motion: ... that a 3 year pilot be established that would provide K-12 candidates who are elected to the Board a stipend to defray some of the cost of hiring substitutes for their classrooms; further, that this stipend does not exceed the cost of 4 days per year; further, that a line item be developed for the 2006-2007 budget allowing for this pilot to occur.*
    • Amendment: ... that 4 full days of substitute compensation be granted to teachers upon request."
      • Amendment Passed
      • Amendment* ... that the reimbursement be payable to the district. (Altoff/Michalko) (Passed)
Passe suggested starting in 07-08 to use as a recruiting tool. * Passed

Reimbursement for November Board Meeting

  • Motion: ... flat fee of $300 for each board member. (Faerber/Hart)

Amendment: ...for the annual conference board meeting, NCSS will reimburse board members one night hotel expense at the group rate at the conference HQ hotel + 1 day per diem. (Johnson-Tucker/Scott) * Passed

The board adjourned at 3:30.

-- TimDaly - 15 Feb 2006
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