National Council for the Social Studies

Board of Directors

May 3-4, 2003

Meeting Minutes

Grand Hyatt, Washington, D.C.

Attending: Stephen Johnson, Chair; Denee Mattioli; Jesus Garcia; Susan Adler; Peggy Altoff; Bill Amburn; Phyllis Bowie; Joe Braun; Susie Burroughs; Adrian Davis; Jill Ehlen; Mark Finchum; Betsy Fitzgerald; Deborah Gallagher; Steven Goldberg; Ken Mareski; Merry Merryfield; Chris Pratt-Consoletti; Judy Parsons; Lynda Wagner; Bruce Wednt; Michael Yell; Ruben Zepeda.

Guest: Jeff Passe, Vice President-Elect

Staff: Susan Griffin, Michael Simpson, Sandy Roberts; Al Frascella, Arthur Ganta; Ana Post; Tim Daly.

I. Agenda

\xA0 \xA0 Motion: \xA0 ... to approve Agenda (Fitzgerald/Amburn)


II. Minutes

\xA0 \xA0 Motion: ... to approve February 2003 Minutes with corrections (Fitzgerald/Wagner)


III. Governance and Administration

\xA0 \xA0 Officers Reports

\xA0 \xA0 \xA0 \xA0 President's Report

\xA0 \xA0 \xA0 \xA0 \xA0 \xA0 Stephen Johnson summarized his written report to the board. He reported on the NATO education summit. The Atlantic Treaty Association invited NCSS to send a representative. The ATA works to educate the public about about NATO and they may be interested in working with NCSS to disseminate materials.

\xA0 \xA0 \xA0 \xA0 President-Elect

\xA0 \xA0 \xA0 \xA0 \xA0 \xA0 Denee Mattioli presented written report and gave an update on plans to date for the 2003 Annual Conference in Chicago. The board will meet Wednesday, November 12. The Illinois Council for the Social Studies has arranged that continuing education credits will be available.\xA0

\xA0 \xA0 \xA0 \xA0 Vice President

\xA0 \xA0 \xA0 \xA0 \xA0 \xA0 Jesus Garcia presented highlights of his report. He reported that he has worked to build support for the 2004 Annual Conference in Baltimore and focused on building local and regional support.\xA0

\xA0 \xA0 Staff Reports

\xA0 \xA0 \xA0 \xA0 Susan Griffin presented\xA0 the staff report. The budget has been key area of staff focus since the February board meeting. Griffin presented a Circle/Carnegie Foundation report on civic education. this report can give NCSS some ammunition to support our position regarding civic education. Peggy Altoff suggested sending this report to CS4 members, and putting a notice or electronic version on CitizenshipCentral.

Griffin also reported that Albert Shanker Institute issued a report that compared NCSS Curriculum Standards unfavorably with content standards. NCSS standards were not meant to be specific as the content standards are. NCSS will need to respond to the report to clarify and explain our position. The Center for Civic Education DOE grant agreement is still being negotiated.

Bruce Wednt reported that AHA is looking to develop a History Education Center.He suggested that NCSS should be involved in this if possible.

Sandy Roberts presented membership statistics as of March 2003, and marketing efforts. Overall membership is down, but student membership is increasing.\xA0

Michael Simpson reported on highlights of current publications department projects. A major goal is to provide more attractive products for classroom teachers. The How-to-Do-It series is an example of this. These will be published as inserts in Social Education. NCSS will also develop issues of Social Education that could be attractive to sell as individual issues. For example, an issue devoted to teaching with primary sources could be used by history educators.\xA0

Social Studies and the Young Learner circulation is down and is most affected by the membership decline. Simpson says that this could be due to a lessening of focus on social studies at the elementary level.\xA0

Al Frascella reported on recent media contacts and summarized his departmental report. Merry Merryfield suggested that board members should have some training on working with the press.\xA0

Griffin presented information on the annual conference. Information on the conference will be on the website by the beginning of June. The Conference Committee held a conference call on the location of the 2008 annual conference that only two members were able to participate in. Ella McDowell was working on this before she became ill. Griffin asked that the board wait until McDowell can provide additional information. Debbie Gallagher commented that it is important to ensure that NCSS have the conference scheduled enough in advance. McDowell has worked to get this back on schedule.\xA0

Ana Post presented an update on awards and special projects. Several awards still need nominees.\xA0

\xA0 \xA0 Financial Reports

\xA0 \xA0 \xA0 \xA0 Arthur Ganta presented financial statements through March 31, 2003. He reported that NCSS cash position is tight. Revenues are lower than budgeted. NCSS is $100,000 behind budget as of March 31.

\xA0 \xA0 Budget

\xA0 \xA0 \xA0 \xA0 The Board of Directors went into executive session to discuss the FY 2003-2004 budget proposal. When the board returned from executive session, Arthur Ganta reviewed revenue projections and budgeted expenses for 2003-2004.\xA0

Stephen Johnson reported that the executive committee recommended that the registration fee reflected in the proposed budget\xA0 increase by $5 to help offset increased costs in Chicago (a $15 overall increase from 2002.) Johnson explained that the executive committee discussed an additional $10, but felt that the additional increase would be too much of an increase for one year.\xA0

Motion: ... to accept this recommendation (Braun/Goldberg)


Motion: ... to increase all fees by 10% (Zepeda/Altoff)

Denee Mattioli discussed the problem of technology costs. Internet costs are very high at convention centers and hotels, for example. Steve Goldberg explained that this would have the effect of eliminating the revenue deficit as proposed in the budget. Ruben Zepeda suggested increasing fees 10% across the board instead of a flat dollar amount. Adrian Davis explained that the committee also discussed a separate technology area that would require an extra fee to attend, but felt that an overall increase would be more equitable.\xA0

Fitzgerald asked whether this was a 10% increase over the budgeted increase or over last year. Zepeda explained that his intention is that it should be an increase over the current budgeted fees. Jeff Passe suggested that the rate be rounded to the nearest dollar. The board instructed the staff to do so.\xA0 Altoff explained that she is in favor of a total of 10% over last year's fees, not the current budgeted fees. Zepeda withdrew motion.\xA0

Motion: ... to increase 2003 registration fees 10% from 2002 fees, rounded up to the nearest $5 amount. (Mareski/Altoff)


Motion:\xA0 ... to accepted the budget as amended. (Davis/Goldberg)


Motion: ... starting with the FY 2004-2005 budget to establish a budget line item for $10,000 plus 5% of any surplus in a given year for a "rainy-day" fund. (Altoff/Fitzgerald)

Amend: ... at it as a line item for FY 2003-2004 this year but not fund it. (Fitzgerald/ Bowie)\xA0

Motion Defeated

Susan Adler suggested waiting until the February board meeting to have more information on the financial situation. Altoff said she preferred to vote on it now so it is not put off. Griffin explained that she did not know if it was realistic based on where we are now. Adler stated that she was uncomfortable with approving this with the current financial situation. Fitzgerald suggested adding the line item ito this year's budget, but not fund it this year.\xA0

Motion: ... establish a line item with a 0 balance for a reserve fund, beginning with FY 2003-2004. (Zepeda/Goldberg)


IV. Continuing Business

\xA0 \xA0 NCSS Global Education Award

\xA0 \xA0 \xA0 \xA0 Ana Post, Merry Merryfield and Susan Griffin explained the status of the award. Merryfield reported that Mid-America Center proposed to give $20,000 to NCSS to fund a global education award. NCSS sought matching funding from the Longview Foundation. Merryfield worked on an ad hoc committee to establish award criteria. Originally, the award was to be named after James Becker. Becker asked that it be named the NCSS Awards for Global Education Given in Honor of James Becker. Howard Mehlinger of MAC explained that the intent was that the award should be open to other social studies educators in addition to teachers.\xA0

Merryfield presented proposed award guidelines. Changes include changing the name to NCSS Awards for Global Education Given in Honor of James Becker. Griffin explained that Longview will not match the endowment, but would give NCSS $2000 a year for three years for the award. Longview desired to allow NCSS to offer a higher award than $1000. NCSS has flexibility to award a lower amount and use remainder for expenses for travel. Merryfield explained that $20,000 would not generate enough interest for the award. The board needs to decide if it should fund the awards at the $2000 level knowing that the funding might not be renewed after three years.\xA0

Griffin asked for clarification about whether we could use only the interest from the fund. Merryfield explained that she was talking to Howard Mehlinger about this. MAC was concerned that using the principal would mean that the award would cease after 10 years. Steve Goldberg suggested changing the keepsake award to something less expensive. It would save money without having the award money reduced. Merryfield suggested that NCSS ask MAC about using some of the principle.\xA0

Johnson asked the board to pass suggestions to Merryfield.\xA0

\xA0 \xA0 Special Projects and Endorsements

Jesus Garcia suggested that the board consider how it handles endorsements and special projects. The Special Projects and Endorsements Committee needs more time to consider requests and to do its work.

\xA0 \xA0 \xA0 \xA0 Proposed Changes to Endorsements and Special Projects Policy

\xA0 \xA0 \xA0 \xA0 \xA0 \xA0 Zepeda presented the committee's recommendations to the board. Johnson asked the board to review this and address it during the Sunday portion of the board meeting. Garcia encouraged staff to hold requesters to deadlines for consideration of proposals. The committee needs more time to be able to consider requests. Joe Braun suggested that the committee consider how many reviews it will consider for a given meeting.

\xA0 \xA0 \xA0 \xA0 Democracy in America

\xA0 \xA0 \xA0 \xA0 \xA0 \xA0 The committee postponed this request until more information is available. Fitzgerald asked whether we endorse courses. Garcia explained that NCSS endorses professional development.

\xA0 \xA0 \xA0 \xA0 World Affairs Challenge

\xA0 \xA0 \xA0 \xA0 \xA0 \xA0 Committee recommended granting endorsement.

Motion: ... to accept recommendation to endorse.


\xA0 \xA0 \xA0 \xA0 PBS Program Club

\xA0 \xA0 \xA0 \xA0 \xA0 \xA0 Committee recommends endorsement, but does not approves collaboration request.\xA0

Motion: ... to accept recommendation to endorse only.\xA0


\xA0 \xA0 \xA0 \xA0 CSIET

\xA0 \xA0 \xA0 \xA0 \xA0 \xA0 The committee did not take action on this.

\xA0 \xA0 \xA0 \xA0 African American Migration Experience and Women Matter, Inc.

\xA0 \xA0 \xA0 \xA0 \xA0 \xA0 Committee postponed consideration of this request and requested that the Technology Subcommittee review these proposals for the purpose of establishing guidelines for reviewing projects that include the Internet.

\xA0 \xA0 \xA0 \xA0 U.S. Department of State

\xA0 \xA0 \xA0 \xA0 \xA0 \xA0 Committee recommended postponing consideration until more information is received.

\xA0 \xA0 Conference Surcharge

\xA0 \xA0 \xA0 \xA0 Susan Griffin explained that the\xA0 policy was originally proposed by a HOD resolution and approved by the board for a three-year trial period. The trial period has ended, and the board should consider whether the policy should continue. She explained that states seem to be pleased with the policy. Braun explained that the Illinois council is counting on the contribution from the Chicago conference. Johnson explained that Texas received more than it expected. Zepeda was against this resolution in the House of Delegates. He now supports the policy due to the portion that goes to the council assistance fund.\xA0

Motion: ... to continue policy (Altoff/Merryfield)


\xA0 \xA0 International Assembly

\xA0 \xA0 \xA0 \xA0 There is no report from the International Assembly. Davis reported that the IA was to report back to the board regarding the NCSS subsidy for membership whereby members from outside the US are automatically made members of the IA and NCSS pays the $15 dues. The board extended the subsidy for one year and this year had expired. Griffin reported that they are publishing a newsletter as the board requested. Davis reported that the IA is doing what is should be doing. Merryfield stated that she believed that the purpose was to wean them away from the subsidy. Griffin stated that we may want to do this, but we need some sort of plan to do so.\xA0

Mattioli stated that NCSS is subsidizing the IA, but they are not using the money that we are passing on to them. She suggested that we should use this money to fund the global education award. Davis stated that the IA is expected to find sponsorship for the Jan Tucker Memorial Lecture. Denee reported that the IA did not have a representative at the program planning committee. There is currently no space left for the lecture.\xA0

Griffin explained that there was a misunderstanding last year regarding who was responsible for finances for the Jan Tucker Memorial Lecture. Detailed information was sent to chair and chair-elect this year. Zepeda agrees with Mattioli. Should put a moratorium on adding money to the account. Altoff suggested that we reduce the $15 to $5.\xA0

Motion: ... to reduce amount\xA0 given to the IA from $15 per member to $5 per member effective immediately. (Altoff/Ehlen)\xA0


Mareski asked whether International members now need to pay the remaining $10 to be members of the International Assembly? Another solution might be to put a cap on their account.\xA0 Griffin suggested NCSS officers discuss this proposal with the IA.\xA0

Davis asked whether with the year being up whether the policy would end June 30. Griffin explained that we should talk to the IA before making any change in the policy.\xA0

\xA0 \xA0 SSEC Affiliation

\xA0 \xA0 \xA0 \xA0 Susan Griffin presented the agreement and contracts for the proposed relationship with SSEC. They have asked that the beginning date be changed from July 1 to October 1 to allow them to finish a grant they are currently involved with. NCSS counsel has reviewed the agreement and contract.\xA0

Motion: ... to accept relationship with SSEC. (Mareski/Burroughs)


Merryfield questioned whether NCSS would be liable for any SSEC obligations if they dissolved. Griffin stated that the agreement is set up to keep NCSS and SSEC as separate organizations.\xA0

\xA0 \xA0 Governance Restructuring

Stephen Johnson explained that due to budget constraints, the transition action team will not meet outside the annual conference this year. They will first meet in November. He will work with Mattioli and Garcia to finalize appointees for transition action team. Steve Goldberg asked for clarification on what was approved by the board. If the board accepted the report, did it accept all its recommendations? Is HOD dissolved? Johnson explained that it changes will not occur this year, with the exception of the Nominations and Elections Committee composition.\xA0

\xA0 \xA0 \xA0 \xA0 Past President Service Change--Constitutional Amendment

\xA0 \xA0 \xA0 \xA0 \xA0 \xA0 Johnson explained that in order to change the term for vice president beginning with the next elected vice president, a constitutional amendment would be necessary. This change had been discussed prior to the governance task force.\xA0

Motion: ... to approve the change. (Mareski/Finchum)


Ehlen noted that NCSS needs signatures from five states to get this started.\xA0

\xA0 \xA0 \xA0 \xA0 Nominations and Elections Committee

\xA0 \xA0 \xA0 \xA0 \xA0 \xA0 Johnson explained that the task force recommended that the Nominations and Elections Committee be an appointed committee to better ensure that the committee has the appropriate skills and contacts. The change is a policy change only, and can be approved by the board.\xA0

Motion: ... to accept recommended change. (Burroughs/Amburn)

Amended ... change 9 members to 7 members and, two appointed each year.



Altoff questioned whether the steering committee discussed this. Steve Goldberg said that this was discussed with the steering committee at its last meeting. Altoff believed that the transition team was to look at all these options and wondered why we were looking at this now. Johnson explained that this was a simple change that could be done to get the project started. Wagner expressed concern that this recommendation didn't not come from the steering committee. Griffin explained that the board has responsibility for this. One reason to make the change now is to allow those on the committee to rotate off as their terms finish. We would not remove current members on the committee.\xA0

Mareski asked why we should have 9 members. Would it be better to change to 7 members so that 2 are appointed each year. Garcis asked whether there would be a stated criteria for the selection of members? Griffin stated that recommendations were made by the task force, and the transition team can address this formally.

\xA0 \xA0 Documents Review

\xA0 \xA0 \xA0 \xA0 No Business

\xA0 \xA0 Global Education Award

\xA0 \xA0 \xA0 \xA0 Griffin asked for clarification from the board about its desires for the Global Education Award and the award amount. Fitzgerald suggested $1000 plus the residual after the travel was paid for. Merryfield suggested that we deduct the amount of the crystal piece from the amount, and just give a flat amount. This would solve the problem of differing amounts based on travel costs. Ana post suggested that NCSS offer to cover travel expenses up to $500. The award amount would be $1500. Mattioli suggested that a complementary registration would be easy to offer. Make the award $1500 plus up to $500 toward travel. Altoff suggested $1000, plus up to $500 for travel. The remaining $500 could be used for the award piece. Griffin explained that Longview wished that the award be more than $1000. \xA0

Motion:\xA0 ... that the NCSS Global Education award consist of a $2000 cash award and award piece and travel expenses up to $500 and a complementary registration to the Annual Conference, with expenses for travel and the award piece coming from MAC funding and a complimentary registration from NCSS. (Altoff/Merryfield)


Motion: ... That the award be $1500, up to $500 travel expenses and a complementary registration to the NCSS Annual Conference and that the award piece be budgeted by NCSS. (Mattioli)


Mareski was concerned that NCSS is subsidizing the award by offering the piece and the overhead of NCSS administration of the award. Merryfield said that the board could stipulate that this money come from MAC.

Motion: ... to solicit nominations for the award. The official policy will be approved by the board one it has be finalized (Fitzgerald/Amburn)


V. New Business

\xA0 \xA0 Executive Committee Election

Ruben Zepeda and Merry Merryfield were selected for the 2004-2005 executive committee.\xA0

\xA0\xA0 \xA0

\xA0 \xA0 Board Member Requirements

\xA0 \xA0 \xA0 \xA0 Stephen Johnson explained that NCSS currently has no policy regarding board member performance--attendance at meetings, etc. Fitzgerald explained that on some boards she has been a member of, there is a policy that members can have three unexcused abscences.

Motion ... to appoint an ad hoc committee to investigate a policy regarding board member performance. (Zepeda/Wagner)


Motion: ... to ask the ad hoc committee to also consider the possibility of what past board members can do in service of NCSS. (Braun/Finchum)


\xA0 \xA0 Citizenship Central Webmaster Proposal

\xA0 \xA0 \xA0 \xA0 Griffin explained the proposal. Funding would be sought from outside sources. This is really a concept to see if the board was in favor of putting this position in place if funding is availble. Mareski asked whether NCSS funds conference travel? Griffin stated that we can include this in the funding request.

Motion: ... to approve seeking funding. (Altoff/Wagner)


\xA0 \xA0 CitizenshipTF "Elements of Civic Education"

\xA0 \xA0 \xA0 \xA0 Motion: Accept this as a model for civic education and place this on the CitizenshipCentral Website. (Braun/Wagner)


\xA0 \xA0 Endorsements and Special Projects Policy

\xA0 \xA0 \xA0 \xA0 Davis asked for clarification on who appropriate specialists are meant to be. Altoff suggested that the executive committee review this to make a recommendation to the board. This seems to be a complicated policy. Finchum asked about "limitations" for planning. Zepeda explained that the limitations are meant to show that NCSS should only be involved in planning for projects that have possibilities for greater involvement and financial benefits. He explained that appropriate specialists meant that NCSS might direct the proposal to another organization who might be better suited for their project.\xA0

Motion; that the executive committee review this policy, and make a recommendation to the board for approval by email by July 1. (Braun/Amburn)


-- TimDaly - 13 Feb 2007
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