National Council for the

Social Studies

Board of Directors

November 14, 2001

Marriott Wardman Park

Washington, D.C.

Meeting Minutes

Present: Adrian Davis, chair; Stephen Johnson, Denee Mattioli, Susan Adler, Peggy Altoff, William Amburn, Phyllis Bowie, Susie Burroughs, L. Jill Ehlen, Betsy Fitzgerald, Deborah Gallagher, Kay Knowles,Kim Kozibal-Hess,\xA0 Ken Mareski, Merry Merryfield, Sally Jo Michalko, Leo Radakovich, Kathryn Robinson, Paul Robinson, Richard Theisen, Gayle Thieman, Bruce Wednt, Michael Yell.

Guest: Ed Pfeifer, incoming HOD Steering Committee Chair

Staff: Susan Griffin, Michael Simpson, Al Frascella, Robin Hayes, Ana Post, Cassandra Roberts, Arthur Ganta, Timothy Daly


Motion: to approve the agenda with additions (Theisen/Michalko)


May 2001 Meeting Minutes

Motion: to approve the May 2001 minutes (Fitzgerald/Michalko)


Board Responsibilities

Adrian Davis reviewed the responsibilities of board members during the annual conference.\xA0

Officer?s Reports

Adrian Davis asked that that board refer to the written reports that were distributed prior to the meeting.\xA0

Finance/Audit Report

NCSS auditor, Bill Madigan of Brown, Dakes, Wannall, and Maxfield P.C., reviewed the audited report\xA0 and year end financial statements. Madigan\xA0 reported that his firm was able to give a clean opinion, with the exception of the concern regarding the post retirement health benefits. Because accounting for the possible liabilities related to this policy are so high, Madigan recommended that NCSS live with having the exception. [note: the retirement health benefit policy in question was rescinded by the board during its November 2001 meeting.]

Midigan reported that NCSS cash is has decreased, but its liabilities have also decreased so this is not a concern. The board should still be aware of the deficit of net assets.\xA0

Staff Reports

Susan Griffin referred to the written reports and summarized information that was not included in the written documents. Department managers summarized reports.\xA0

Action Items

Strategic Plan

Motion: ?to approve the strategic plan (Michalko, Thieman)

Amendment: ?to delete ?a world of? from the ?Audacious Goal? (Altoff/Ehlen)

Amendment passed

Amendment: ?to approve subject to copy editing (K. Robinson/Altoff)

Amendment passed

Motion Passed as amended

Some board members expressed concern that ?a world of effective citizens? seemed imperialistic. The board was also concerned that the document was not consistent in language and grammar.\xA0

Ad Hoc Committee to Develop Legislative Goals

Motion: ?to appoint an ad hoc committee to form legislative goals (Michalko/Theisen)


Rick Theisen explained a proposal for reviewing House of Delegates resolutions each year to help form legislative goals for NCSS. At its September meeting, the executive committee discussed the proposal for reviewing House of Delegates Resolutions. This proposal described a process for reviewing annually house of delegates resolutions, and using these to form a legislative agenda for NCSS. This proposal is to be reviewed by the house of delegates steering and resolution committees before board approval.\xA0

Because a legislative agenda for the coming year will need to be developed before this proposal can be reviewed by the house and implemented, the executive committee recommends that an ad hoc committee be appointed to work with staff to develop legislative goals to be considered at the February 2002 meeting.

Retirement Policy Change

Motion: ?to rescind the policy regarding retiree health benefits for employees under age 65 (Adler/Johnson)


In 1992, the board of directors approved a policy regarding retiree health benefits. This policy provides that retirees with 5-9 years of employment with NCSS will receive 50% of the dollar amount that NCSS pays toward health benefits to be applied toward a health coverage plan up to the length of employment or age 65, whichever comes first. Employees with ten years or more of service will receive 100% of the dollar amount of NCSS pays for employee health coverage to be applied toward a health coverage plan up to the length of employment or age 65, whichever comes first. A retiree is defined at an employee with at least 5 years of service, and who has reached age 55. This applies only to those who are not covered by any other health plan.

The executive committee recommended rescinding this policy.

Position Statement Template

Motion: ?to approve the position statement template (Adler/Theisen)


The position statement template was considered by the board of directors at the May 2001 meeting. A decision was postponed and the meeting ended before the board voted on approval of the template. The executive committee reviewed the board action and recommends approval of the template with the revisions suggested by the board (change ?must? to ?should? and dropping ?and be an active sentence? in the first sentence.)

Endorsements and Special Projects

Denee Mattioli, chair of the Endorsements and Special Projects Committee, presented projects and recommendations to the board.\xA0

Close-up Foundation Close Up Washington High School Program

Motion: ?to endorse\xA0 the program (Fitzgerald/Michalko)


Capital Forum on America?s Future

Motion: ?to endorse the Capital Forum program (Altoff/Knowles)


JumpStart National Standards in Personal Finance

Motion: ?to endorse the JumpStart National Standards in Personal Finance (Michalko/Fitzgerald)


China/US Conference (Global Interactions Sixth China-US Conference on Education)

Global Interactions requested formal advising and promotion of the conference. The endorsements and special projects committee recommended against formal involvement in the project but encouraged participants of the conference to submit presentations for possible publication. NCSS will announce the program in TSSP.\xA0

Motion: ?to accept the committee recommendation [involvement not approved] (Michalko/Fitzgerald)


Professional Development Workshops for High School Civics Teachers (Annenberg/CPB and State of the Art, Inc.)

Motion: ?to approve formal advisory role\xA0


Information Items

Awards Policy Change

Ana Post reported that she is working with the Awards Committee to review the awards policies. Recommendations will be presented to the board in February.\xA0

International Membership Category

Susan Griffin explained that the International Membership category which includes membership in the International Assembly for the cost of membership in NCSS for those outside the U.S. is coming up for review. The category was originally approved as a three-year trial in 1999. The membership committee planed to review this at their November meeting, but asked for guidance from the board. The board expressed concern that there seemed to be a lack of benefits to members of the International Assembly.\xA0

International Conference

Susan Adler reported that the ATSS, the British equivalent of NCSS, expressed interest in developing a proposal for the 2004 International Conference. NCSS has not yet received a proposal from them, however. Al Frascella reported that Uruguay is interested in submitting a proposal as well.\xA0

Spencer Foundation

Susan Adler reported that the proposal on teacher research that NCSS submitted to the Spencer Foundation did not receive funding. One of the activities proposed was a workshop at the annual conference. This workshop was still scheduled to be held. She reported that there may be interest in forming a teacher research special interest group.\xA0

Guidelines for Corporate Involvement

Davis reported that the executive committee recommended referring this back to the ad hoc committee. The guidelines should be in keeping with the NCSS core values and help to keep NCSS from being put into compromising positions.\xA0

NCSS Curriculum Standards

Davis reported that the executive committee recommended that materials on implementation and assessment be developed to supplement the standards. Committees have been asked to consider this issues during their November meetings.\xA0

The board adjourned.\xA0

-- TimDaly - 13 Feb 2007
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