Board of Directors

Board of Directors

8:00 am to 4:30 pm

November 20, 2002

Hyatt Regency Phoenix, Arizona

Meeting Minutes

Stephen Johnson opened the meeting with introductions. Michael Simpson reported that Eugenics Past and Present: Remembering Buck v Bell? by Michael J. Berson and Barbara C. Cruz which appeared in the September 2001 issue of Social Education had been judged by EdPress (the Association for Educational Publishers) to be the best learned article to have appeared in an educational periodical in the year 2001.\xA0

Review of Agenda and May 2002 Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Motion: ?to accept agenda.


Motion: ?to accept May 2002 meeting minutes.\xA0


II. Reports


Charles Myers, NCSS Coordinator of Program Reviews for NCATE and Mark Meyers, a member of the review committee briefed the board of directors on current NCSS work with NCATE. The NCSS program review standards for NCATE were due for review in the fall of 2002. NCSS reviewed its National Standards for Social Studies Teachers, and also presented revised program standards to NCATE for review. NCATE requested some changes to the standards as presented. The standards will be presented again for approval in the fall 2003.\xA0


Stephen Johnson, Denee Mattioli and Jesus Garcia presented written reports to the board. Johnson briefly presented a report on the status of the conference program.\xA0

Financial and Audit Reports

NCSS Director of Finance Arthur Ganta presented the audit report and financial statements from the fiscal year ending June 30, 2002. Ganta reviewed the statements, and directed the board?s attention to the notes in the audit report. He explained that NCSS auditors presented a qualified report. They were prevented from presenting an unqualified report because NCSS does not account for post-retirement benefits in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principals. The GAAP state that NCSS must treat future possible payments as a liability. The cost of determining such liabilities, however, is overly burdensome in the opinion of the auditor. Determining the liability would require an annual actuarial study that would likely cost tens of thousands per year. The board of directors agreed that the cost of this study would not be justified.\xA0

Ganta further reviewed the year-end statements and answered board questions. Members wondered if NCSS might better invest funds. Susan Griffin explained that NCSS cash reserves were not sufficient to invest funds in higher yield investments, which would usually restrict the availability of the funds to NCSS.\xA0

Staff Reports

Susan Griffin and NCSS directors presented a written staff report to the board of directors.\xA0

Citizenship Task Force

Board member Joe Braun, who is also a member of the CitizenshipCentral website editorial board, presented information and a demonstration of the CitizenshipCentral site. The site is based on freely available software that assembles web pages from a database backend. Editorial board members can enter information into the database and it is formatted automatically for the web.

The site has been organized around four sections intended for different audiences?educators, students, parents and policy-makers. The site also invites visitors to submit information or links to resources that are later reviewed by the editorial board and classified before being posted to the site.\xA0

Nominations and Elections

Tim Daly reported on the slate of candidates for the 2003 board of directors elections. There were several open slots, and the nominations committee asked for board assistance in recruiting qualified candidates.\xA0

Governance Task Force

The NCSS Governance Task Force presented information on its work to the board. The board shared its concerns with the task force on its recommendations. Of special concern were recommendations regarding board composition and the positions that were reserved for classroom teachers. Some board members voiced concern about the sections and how what would go into them, especially the content section. The board also had questions regarding the House of Delegates reorganization.\xA0

The Governance Task Force planned to also present its work to-date to the House of Delegates, associated group leadership, and committee chairs. The task force plans to present a final report of recommendations to the board in February 2003.

III. Continuing Business


Susan Griffin explained the proposal from Social Science Education Consortium to affiliate with NCSS. SSEC proposes that it come under administration of NCSS. NCSS would handle membership and other administrative functions. SSEC would retain its board of directors and would remain a legally separate 501(c)(3) corporation. Membership in SSEC would be open to all NCSS members, and members of SSEC would ?be expected? to be NCSS members. The board noted that it would like clarification on the requirement of SSEC members to also be NCSS members.\xA0

Susan Griffin reported that details stilled needed to be worked out regarding financial arrangements and that a complete proposal would be presented to the board at its February 2003 meeting.\xA0

Texas Instruments Project

Susan Griffin and Ana Post reported on the current status of the Texas Instruments project.\xA0

Middle Level Journal

Michael Simpson reported on the costs needed to begin publication of a middle level journal. He estimates that NCSS would require $20, 000 to begin publishing, and $60, 000 for marketing. The marketing expenditure is important to ensure that the new journal attracts members instead of simply taking current subscribers from the other NCSS journals.\xA0

IV. New Business

International Conference

No action was taken on the International Conference. Susan Griffin noted that discussions were continuing with the ATSS in the United Kingdom for a possible conference in Leicester for the summer of 2004. The board of directors will need to take action in February 2003.\xA0


World History SIG

Motion: approve the World History SIG\xA0 (Altoff/Fitzgerald)


Spirit of Peace SIG

Motion: approve the Spirit of Peace SIG (Braun/Pfeifer)


C. Special Projects and Endorsements

The Taft Institute for Government Programs\xA0

The Endorsements and Special Projects Committee recommended endorsement of the program with the stipulation that a link between their site and NCSS be posted; distribute NCSS web materials; offer discounts to NCSS members; and send information to NCSS affiliate newsletters.\xA0

Motion: accept the recommendation to endorse (Matttioli/Yell)


Youth in Action Guide

The Endorsements and Special Projects Committee recommended endorsement of the program with the stipulation that they provide a link to the NCSS website; that the NCSS logo appear on materials being distributed; included on letterhead a description of NCSS endorsing the project;\xA0

Motion: accept the recommendation to endorse. (Parsons/Pfeifer)


Ralph Bunche: An American Odyssey, William Greaves Productions, Inc.\xA0

The Endorsements and Special Projects Committee recommended endorsement. The video has already been produced, but NCSS should encourage them to place the NCSS logo on materials they send out. The logo must be on future videos reproduced.

Motion: accept the recommendation to endorse. (Mattioli/Fitzgerald)


Mattioli asked that it be made clear that only the video is endorsed.\xA0

Jesus Garcia reported that the Endorsements and Special Projects committee recommended that an ad hoc committee examine NCSS endorsement policies, especially regarding: non-profit versus for-profit companies; the use of the NCSS logo; fees; relation to advertising with NCSS; and presentation of materials at annual and regional conferences. Stephen Johnson asked the Endorsements and Special Projects committee to review this instead of a separate ad hoc committee.\xA0

Board Conference Responsibilities

Stephen Johnson briefed the board of directors on their various responsibilities during the annual conference.\xA0

The board adjourned.

-- TimDaly - 13 Feb 2007
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