NCSS Board of Directors

November 13, 2003

Hyatt Regency?Chicago, Il

Attending: Denee Mattioli, Chair; Jesus Garcia; Jeff Passe; Bill Amburn; Dennis Banks; Phyllis Bowie; Joseph Braun; Bruce Damasio; Adrian Davis; Mark Finchum; Deborah Gallagher; Steven Goldberg; Syd Golston; Stephen Johnson; Merry Merryfield; Judy Parsons; Chris Pratt-Consoletti; Eileen Sheehy; Lynda Wagner; Carol Warren; Marsha Yoder; Ruben Zepeda.

Staff: Susan Griffin, Gene Cowan; Al Fraseclla; Arthur Ganta; Ella McDowell; Ana Post; Cassandra Roberts; Michael Simpson; Timothy Daly.\xA0

I. Approval of Agenda

A. Motion accept with changes


II. Review of May 2003 Minutes

A. Motion accept\xA0


III. Board responsibilities at conference

Denee Mattioli reviewed board responsibilities during the conference. Included in these were committee liaison responsibilities.

IV. Reports

A. Conference Report

Ella McDowell reported on preparations and registration to date for conference. Going into the conference, registration stood at 3900, which is over the 3500 budgeted. NCSS expects 700 on site registrations.\xA0

B. Officers

President Denee Mattioli, President-Elect Jesus Garcia and Past President Stephen Johnson presented written reports to the board.\xA0

C. Administration

1. FY 2002-2003 Audit Report

Arthur Ganta presented the audit report. The report identified areas needing improvement--for example, accounts receivables and invoicing. Ganta noted the ?going concern? note in the audit report, and explained why the auditors might place this note in the statement. A negative cash flow is one reason. Last year?s loss taken in consideration with the previous financial troubles, also contributed to this statement.

\xA0The board discussed whether there should be a policy that the board needs to approve expenses that exceed budget.\xA0

Zepeda questioned what safeguards there are. For example, over a certain amount would need to be approved by the board. Griffin suggested that although a policy might be desirable, the board should not be the body to approve these. The executive committee might be better. Griffin explained that major overruns in expenses were from overruns from the annual conference. NCSS was not aware of some of these until following the conference. If approval was considered necessary, the board was not likely the best body to approve these because of its size. The executive committee would be better suited to doing this if a policy became desirable.\xA0

Adrian Davis suggested that the documents review committee review policy on budget over-runs, and suggest an appropriate policy.\xA0

2. Current Financial/Budget Report

Ganta presented the current financial report through September 30.\xA0

3. Staff Departmental Reports

Susan Griffin and department directors summarized written report. Ruben Zepeda reported that he met with Alex Knock, from house minority office. Democrats support social studies, and NCSS education positions. He said that math and reading is basic education, and that that comes first--the ?gateway skills.? Social studies and citizenship education is not recognized as being as important. Federal support of the social studies agenda might not be in our best interests. The federal government might define in its own way. I may be better to focus on the states.\xA0

Griffin noted the Teacher Education Accreditation Council has received federal recognition. TEAC was created as an alternative to NCATE. TEAC bases its reviews on criteria developed by each institution. Another subject area organization has been approached by TEAC about using their standards. It is possible that NCSS could be approached. If TEAC is accepted in states, NCSS will need to make some philosophical decisions about how others can use our standards. NCSS standards might be used, but we wouldn?t necessarily have a say in how TEAC applies these standards.\xA0


Bill Amburn presented the FASSE report. Amburn has taken over from Gayle Thieman as chair of the FASSE board. He is working with staff to develop procedures and timelines for recurring tasks and events. Local arrangements guidelines relating to FASSE are also being updated. Amburn noted that a FASSE vice-chair will need to be appointed by the board.\xA0

FASSE fundraising is a concern. The raffle at the annual conference is successful, but not sufficient to maintain and grow the fund. Amburn would like to approach foundations of major corporations to investigate the possibility of raising funds. Amburn requested guidance on who he can and can?t approach.\xA0

Investment of funds is also an issue. NCSS will need a plan to maximize returns on these funds in a secure manner.\xA0

Motion appoint an ad hoc committee of the to develop a series of questions and guidelines on the solicitation of funds for NCSS. (Garcia/Davis)


Stephen Johnson stated that NCSS uses the textbook companies for sponsorships, etc. We want to make sure that we are not competing with ourselves when soliciting funds from corporations.\xA0

Davis suggested that the committee report with a draft by the May meeting.\xA0

Motion ...that in interim, the executive committee be charged with reviewing fund raising solicitations. (Zepeda/Goldberg)


Motion ...that the ad hoc committee present a draft report in February and a final report in May. (Davis/Zepeda)



Alberta Dougan presented a report on NCATE activities. Revision of teacher standards was approved by the NCATE Specialty Area Studies Board in October. They have asked NCSS to make some changes to the rubrics. Our renewal is for 7 years instead of 5. The changes to our rubrics will help NCSS maintain the standards after the possible changes to the review process.\xA0

An NCATE task force is looking at the program review process. Institution concerns include consistency among specialty program areas (SPAs), shorter reports, and better reporting back to institutions. SPAs are concerned with the increasing cost needed for the review process. Task force will be presenting its report in May. Dougan stated that she is concerned because there is a lot of pressure from the institutions.\xA0

NCSS and other SPAs have been asked to participate in the development of benchmarks for PRAXIS II. An initial meeting will be held in December to determine alignment of PRAXIS II to our standards. A second meeting will be held in January to develop national norms for the standards. NCSS has been asked to identify teachers with 1-7 experience for the January meeting. Dougan asked that the board to pass any recommendations to staff.\xA0

Some questions arise from the program review task force. There may be changes to how reviews are done, and how SPAs relate to NCATE and to the institutions. Other issues arise from the No Child Left Behind legislation, and from TEAC, that has been approved by the department of education. One SPA has been approached in using their standards in that program.\xA0 There are questions about whether an organization should use our standards but apply them itself without NCSS involvement.\xA0

Robert Toepper is program review coordinator, taking over from Chuck Myers.\xA0

VI. Continuing Business

A. Special Projects and Endorsements Policy

Motion accept the proposed changes to the special projects and endorsements policy. (Johnson/Goldberg)


Ruben Zepeda presented and explained the changes to the policy. This was developed last spring but completed too late for consideration by the board at its May meeting. The committee deleted some of the examples listed in the policy and added a purpose statement for each type of involvement. The committee also added fees for covering NCSS costs. No additional types of involvement were added. This was meant to be a clarification primarily. The policy will be easier to communicate to potential partners, and help better cover NCSS administration costs.\xA0

The policy provides for endorsement only when NCSS has been previously involved with the project. The board discussed how this would affect projects. Finished projects would be excluded from consideration, even if an NCSS member had been involved in the project. Projects in process that have already contacted NCSS could be ?grandfathered.? The committee asked the board to approve this\xA0 policy, and work with it to rectify concerns as they are identified.\xA0

The board discussed a WCET/PBS documentary projects about which they approached NCSS for recommendations on someone for a advisory committee. Steven Goldberg, HOD Steering Committee Chair and board member was recommended. This was not formal, but NCSS was involved from the beginning. In a case like the documentary, the endorsements committee could approve Goldberg?s involvement as a formal involvement. The purpose of the strict policy is to make sure that NCSS has some sort of involvement or input before endorsement. Flexibility is OK, but it should be in extraordinary circumstances.

The committee felt that often NCSS is taken for granted and approached at the last minute. Also, there are NCSS members on these projects and this sometimes puts the board in a difficult situation. It is meant to avoid making it ?personal.?\xA0

B. Governance Transition Planning

Stephen Johnson presented a planning report. The meeting during the annual conference will be primarily an organizational meeting. Johnson asked\xA0 the board for direction and priorities for the Transition Team. The committee will need funding to meet outside the conference in the future. Currently, it will do as much work as possible through the Internet.\xA0

VII. New Business

A. Special Projects and Endorsements

1. Democracy in America

The Special Projects and Endorsements Committee recommended endorsement of this project.

Motion ... to endorse Democracy in America (Passe/Davis)


2. The Friendship Caravan

The committee had concerns about the acutal content of this program, in particular, what will they teach about stereotypes and Arabs. Other concerns are about who\xA0 will be ?ambassadors?. The committee does not recommend endorsement until these concerns are addressed. The committee also had concerns about the treatment of the animals.\xA0

3. Fascinating Learning Factory

The committee has questions about what this project wanted from NCSS and how they planned to pay for it. NCSS will ask for more information.

Dennis Banks asked whether this would be affected by the new policy or if it is grandfathered. Passe suggested that those in the pipeline are grandfathered.\xA0

4. Project Archeology

The committee was unclear about what involvement was requested of NCSS. The committee thought the project was worthwhile, however. NCSS will request more information.

B. CCE-Africa Project

Griffin explained that NCSS learned after the fact that it had been written into a grant application to the department of education. The Department of Education representative is interested in NCSS participation because she wishes US students to benefit from this program, and NCSS can be a conduit to this. Although NCSS did not have details prior to the application, it is beneficial to NCSS to have support at the Department of Education. NCSS will also discuss refining its role to better benefit our membership. Zepeda agreed that this is a good way to increase our visibility in the Department of Education.\xA0

Motion.... to approve NCSS involvement in the Africa Democracy Project.\xA0


C. Change Spirit of America Award to Conference Session

Ana Post presented proposed changes, to the Spirit of America Award Criteria.\xA0

Motion ... to accept proposed change. (Banks/Braun)


D. Amicus Curiae Brief in Pledge of Allegiance Case

Griffin explained that NCSS was approached last week regarding this. NASB requested that NCSS sign onto a brief supporting the right of the school district to require teachers to lead pledge of allegiance. If the board felt it does not have time to consider it, we can notify NASB that the board did not sign on.\xA0

Motion: ... that this be tabled because it was presented to the board too late.\xA0


The board moved to adjorn

-- TimDaly - 13 Feb 2007
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