NCSS Board of Directors

Meeting Minutes

November 29, 2007

Manchester Grand Hyatt, San Diego, CA

Approval of Agenda and May 2007 Meeting Minutes

Gayle Thieman called the meeting to order, and after introductions, the board reviewed the agenda and meeting minutes Motion---+++ Motion: to approve agenda (Damasio/Goldberg) Motion---+++ Motion: to approve May 2007 meeting minutes (Michalko/Johnson-Tucker) Passed with corrections

Review Actions Since May 2007 Meeting

approval of NCSS listing in "Making Every Moment Count"

Motion Motion (Johnson-Tucker/Hickenbottom) to reconfirm. Passed

Conference Site Selection

The board discussed the possibility of Las Vegas as a conference site. Several issues have been seen as obstacles to holding a conference there: lack of an operating council; apprehension that there would be "too many distractions" and poor session attendance. The board was not against Las Vegas, but had concerns with local/state council support.

The board also discussed the possibility of Chicago as a conference site. Chicago has the benefits of strong support and good attendance, but there is the issue of facilities. NCSS no longer fits in the hotels, and would need to go to a convention center. The convention center is outside the center of the city, and would require a shuttle from most of the hotels. Costs of labor in Chicago is also a concern.

There is a resolution to be brought to the HOD regarding considering Chicago as a site. One concern is that the Olympics will be there 7 months following our next available date for Chicago.

Support for Annual Conference Host State Councils

Susan Griffin explained that there is growing concern from state councils regarding the financial effect of hosting the NCSS Annual Conference. State councils depend on their conference for a large portion of their annual revenue. Suggestions for ameliorating the effects on their revenue include raising the per-registrant fee rebated to the council; working with the convention/visitors bureaus on providing hotel rebates. Corporate support is also possible. NCSS can provide a table for the state council in the registration area to recruit.

The Georgia Council reported that it was not consulted prior to the selection of Atlanta for the 2009 conference. For the Atlanta conference, NCSS has offered a reception for the GACSS awards. Also, another possibility is to give consideration to proposals from Georgia or give 1-2 sessions in each time frame. The board suggested that the program planning committee update the program planning manual to include ways to help state councils.

Jeff Passe commented that NCSS needs to look at the process to see if there are problems. This issue and the fact that St. Louis was the only bid last year indicate a problem. Griffin explained that this seems to be an oversight on the part of the conference committee during the selection of Atlanta.


Gayle Thieman presented her report. She presented details on the conference program and schedule for the board and reviewed events and duties that board members need to be involved in.


Michael Yell presented his report and gave an update on plans for the 2008 Houston Conference. A theme issue of Social Education will be published around the time of the conference, also. National Center for Science Education has put NCSS statement on intelligent design in a publication of statements.


Syd Golston presented her report. She discussed preliminary plans for the 2009 conference. Golston commented on the P21 project. NCSS worked through the summer to meet a deadline, but the map was not published. She believes that the work was beneficial to NCSS nonetheless.

Past President

Peggy Altoff presented a report on her activities as past president. She reported that the conference call format for the Nominations and Elections Committee went well. The committee felt that NCSS should do this for a second year.

Financial Reports

Year Ending June 30, 2007 and current financials through September 2007

Paul Schwobel presented end of year financial information for fiscal year ending June 2007. Passe asked about whether a rainy-day fund was established. Staff will look into it.

Staff Reports

Susan Griffin summarized the written staff report. Advocacy continues to be a focus for NCSS. NCSS should begin to consider what we wish to do regarding NCLB.

HOD Report

Peggy Jackson reported on plans for the 2007 HOD meeting. This was the first year that materials were made available electronically.

Nominations and Elections

Peggy Altoff presented the Nominations and Elections report. She reported that Terry Cherry has been selected to replace Dee Krause, who is planning to retire rom her teaching position and is no longer eligible for election in the middle-level category.

Altoff presented recommended changes to nominations policies. One change was to change the eligibility of a HOD steering committee chair for officer positions. Steve Goldberg stated that he thought that service as HOD chair did not give enough experience for officers. Passe commented that the nominations and elections committee can make this judgement. There are individuals who have served one year who are suited to be officers.

Motion---+++ Motion: (Altoff/Jones ) ... to remove second sentence from "In order to be eligible as a candidate for president-elect or vice president, a person must have served on the board of directors. A person who has served as chairperson of the House of Delegates Steering Committee, a position which entails ex officio membership on the board of directors is also eligible to be nominated for either of these offices. (delete italicized.) Passed Motion---+++ Motion: (Altoff/ Michalko) ... to add "must have completed a full elected term on the board of directors before assuming office." to "In order to be eligible as a candidate for president-elect or vice president, a person must have completed a full elected term on the board of directors before assuming office." Passed

Standards Task Force

Peggy Altoff presented the report of the Task Force. The task force met in August and begain work on revising the executive summary, theme descriptions and essential skills. An update of the performance expectations and vignettes will follow. The task force will meet at the annual conference, and present a session to provide information on progress-to-date and gather feedback from members.


Jeff Passe presented information on GTIC.

Change in NCSS Registered Agent in Maryland

Staff requested that Susan Griffin, as Executive Director, be assigned as NCSS registered agent for the corporation in the state of Maryland. Peggy Altoff was formerly the registered agent, but has since moved to Colorado. Bruce Damasio was selected as her replacement, but filing issues with the state of Maryland have kept this from taking effect. Assigning Susan Griffin will be most convenient for the Council since our offices are in Maryland.
(Passe/Jones) approve. Passed

NCSS Privacy Policy for Member Data

Tim Daly presented a draft explaining NCSS policies regarding sharing information NCSS collects regarding its members. Motion Motion: approve (Passe/Jones) Passed

State Affiliate Reports

The states appreciate communication from Courtney deLeyer. There are strong states with strong conferences and states that are in disarray. Gayle Thieman asked that the board look more closely at state reports in February. The board discussed ways to further assist state councils. More help at Summer Leadership was suggested, but sustained assistance throughout the year is also important. The board suggested that a web site or wiki would be helpful, and also discussed appointing a working group on assisting councils.

NCSS Archives

Cynthia DuBois, Assistant Director of Education at the Center for American History at the University of Texas presented information to the board on the center. CAH is the new home of the NCSS papers collection that was formerly housed at Teachers College, Columbia University. The collection should be accessible to researchers for after January 1, 2008. There will be an on-line finding aid to information in the collection.


The NCSS ICT map is up and will stay up. There have been communications issues with the P21 Project. NCSS worked on a revisions to the social studies map in order to meet a fall deadline, but P21 said the deadline was during the summer. NCSS will not work on this further without information and details in writing. Gayle Thieman asked the board what kind of sign-off protocol should be in place. Peggy Altoff suggested that the group that did the work should see request for changes by P21. The executive committee will be asked to confirm the next round. Route 21 is a work in progress. Technology community should be aware. Started with 2 states, now have six states. The board agreed that NCSS should keep the relationship going, and take advantage of what we learned to guide our decision.


TEAC asked NCSS (and other professional organizations) to provide a 1-2 page response to the following questions: “Within the TEAC accreditation scheme, what could we be doing to assure the public that we check for the evidence of the kinds of knowledge and skills in your discipline you think essential for teacher education graduates? What are the key lines of evidence we should look for?” The board discussed whether NCSS should participate. Gayle Thieman stated that her dean at Portland State is currently the president of AACTE and does not believe in this. The board discussed whether it was important for NCSS in order for our views to be used. The board suggested that NCSS contact TEAC to see if they are still interested in this.


"Three Faiths, One God"

Syd Golston reported that the Endorsements and Special Projects Committee recommended endorsement of this video. Motion endorse with conditions to be communicated in notification letter. (Altoff/ Jones) Passed

Policy Changes

Conference Registration for K-12 Student Presenters and their Parents

The board discussed whether K-12 students who are part of presentations and their parent chaperones should have to register for the conference. The board agreed that these students should not need to pay, and that those who paid as part of the sessions this year should receive refunds. Teachers, however, should continue to pay. Motion Motion: That K-12 students who are part of presentation and their adult chaperone receive a complementary registration for the day of the presentation. (Boucher/ Damasio) Passed

Civic Mission of Schools Campaign Moving to NCSS

Susan Griffin reported that the CMS campaign is considering moving from its current offices due to high overhead. They have approached NCSS regarding space at our offices. NCSS will continue discussions.

The board adjourned.

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