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Candidates must adhere to NCSS code of conduct.

Unacceptable Practices

Candidates for elected positions in the NCSS and their supporters may not engage in the following campaign practices:

  • They may not use hospitality rooms or any similar event to solicit votes at the annual NCSS conference or the annual conference of any NCSS affiliated or associated organization.

  • They may not use or distribute posters, displays or other materials that promote their candidacy at any social studies conference.

  • Current members of the NCSS Board of Directors and Officers may not campaign for a specific candidate.

  • Candidates and their supporters may not use any NCSS created membership lists for campaigning purposes


Candidates who violate campaign policies will be subject to the following:

  • Candidates will be required to clarify or correct any materials which the NCSS Nominations Committee Chair feels violates campaign policies.

  • The NCSS Nominations Committee Chair will notify all other candidates if a violation of campaign policies is determined.

  • If a candidate refuses to comply with the decision of the NCSS Nominations Committee Chair, said candidate can be removed from the ballot by a majority vote of the Nominations Committee members.

NCSS Annual Conference Activities and Procedures

  • A candidates' forum on the NCSS CONNECTED website will be developed for NCSS members to view candidates' presentations, read candidate statements, and engage in online dialogue with candidates.
  • Each candidate will be given a name badge (and/or ribbon) that clearly identifies them as a candidate (to be worn only during the Annual Conference). They may be approached by attendees to discuss their experience, positions, etc.
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