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The Chair of the Resolutions Committee will:

a. receive business files and records from the immediate past chair of the committee and transfer a copy to the NCSS staff liaison for record-keeping. b. organize the work of the Resolutions Committee as outlined above. c. inform the committee through correspondence of meeting dates, places, and times. d. organize in collaboration with the Steering Committee Chair an informational session and resolutions writing session at the annual NCSS Summer Leadership Meeting to focus and guide the resolutions process. e. work with NCSS staff to issue a call for resolutions from affiliated councils, associated groups, and communities in the spring issue of the NCSS newsletter and a request to email all draft resolutions to Council Services by the 2nd Monday in October to be included in delegate packets emailed prior to the scheduled open hearing of the Resolutions Committee. The call for resolutions will contain the following: 1. a sample copy of a proper resolution format and HOD guidelines for writing resolutions. 2. examples of well-written and poorly crafted resolutions. 3. general instructions for the purpose and role of resolutions. 4. an announcement of the date, place, and time that open hearings will be held prior to the annual meeting of the House of Delegates. 5. an announcement of the hour after which walk-in resolutions will not be accepted. 6. requirement that the sponsor or a representative of a resolution appear at the open hearing to discuss the proposed resolution and be informed of the acceptance, revision, or rejection of the proposed resolution. f. provide for typing and reproduction of final drafts of resolutions approved by the committee and verify the manner in which final drafts of resolutions will be distributed to members of the Delegate Assembly. g. provide copies of the list of accepted resolutions (numbers and titles) to the President, Secretary of the House, Chair of the Steering Committee, and Parliamentarian prior to the opening session of the annual meeting of the House of Delegates. h. formally present and introduce each member of the Resolutions Committee to the HOD Assembly. i. present and move the adoption of each resolution accepted by the committee at the designated time on the agenda of the annual meeting of the House of Delegates. Only resolution titles and be it resolved sections will be read into record on the day of deliberation and voting within the HOD. j. announce to the HOD Assembly that a copy of resolutions passed by the Assembly and by the NCSS Board of Directors will be published in the May/June issue of Social Education.

### Section 4. The Assignment Committee will be comprised of six members elected from the HOD. The term of office will be three years with two members elected each year
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