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NCSS Communities

NCSS Communities website:
How to form a NCSS Community:
  1. Fill out a community proposal form. COMMUNITIES-Establishing_an_NCSS_Community_2012-1.doc
  2. Once the form is completed and submitted NCSS will review the proposal. The proposal will first be reviewed by the by the executive committee and then presented to the Board of Directors to vote on at the next NCSS Board of Directors Meeting.
Our current policy manual to describes how communities are formed and governed. (The community text begins on the bottom of page 48.) Communities_Section_of_the_NCSS_Policy_Manual.pdf

Questions about forming an NCSS Community should be directed to

Community Links

Steps to Developing Healthy Communities Document (slide 7)-- Steps_to_Developing_Healthy_Communities.doc
NCSS Connected website/webplatform (slide 10 & 11): COUNCIL_SERVS-ConnectedSocialStudies_Info.doc
Webinar Transcript: ncss_communities_webinar_transcript.txt

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