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Publisher: AdminUser
Date: 05 Aug 2015 - 19:04
Dir: /var/www/leadersdev/public/pub/publish/
Content Generator: pdf
Skin: basic_publish
Templates: view
Topic list: 
Inclusions: .*
Exclusions: Web.*
Content Filter: 
Generator Options: 
Enabled Plugins: , HomePagePlugin, GenPDFPrincePlugin, ActionTrackerPlugin, SmiliesPlugin, UpdatesPlugin, ConfigurePlugin, PublishPlugin, TablePlugin, MailerContribPlugin, HistoryPlugin, TinyMCEPlugin, CommentPlugin, PreferencesPlugin, JQueryPlugin, SubscribePlugin, TwistyPlugin, WysiwygPlugin, SlideShowPlugin, AutoViewTemplatePlugin, NatEditPlugin, SpreadSheetPlugin, EditRowPlugin, InterwikiPlugin, CompareRevisionsAddonPlugin, RenderListPlugin
Disabled Plugins: , TWikiCompatibilityPlugin, JEditableContribPlugin, GenPDFWebkitPlugin
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